Candy Girl NFT and Cosmize partnership

Suguru Seo
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3 min readNov 9, 2022


Astar Network is proud to highlight a recent partnership that puts into perspective the collaborative environment that is being created in our ecosystem. Legendary artist Yoshitaka Amano’s Candy Girl NFT and COSMIZE, the first metaverse project built on Astar Network, have reached an agreement for a partnership. The strong growth that is being witnessed in and around the Candy Girl NFT project is impressive and will mutually benefit surrounding teams and the communities they serve. Together with COSMIZE, the two teams will continue to provide our ecosystem with high-quality products and entertainment.

The partnership came from conversations and input between the Astar team and Candy Girl founders. Both saw the mutual benefit that a joint effort like this would bring to their individual projects and the ecosystem at large. In a true show of leading by example, the COSMIZE team had previously partnered with other NFT projects such as Astar Degens, Astar Sign Witch, Astar Cats, and Canary Network Agency. This helped contribute to the sellout of their 1000 “Room Bracelet” NFTs. Recently, they have expanded their metaverse to include a variety of spaces and have included a messaging app within the virtual world.

In the short time since its public inception, the Candy Girl NFT follower count and activity have been impressive, to say the least. With over 15,000 Twitter followers and more than 7,000 discord members, the team has received a warm and welcoming reception to the NFT space. Candy Girl NFT has a long-term vision and COSMIZE will help them develop certain parts of it as per the partnership. Candy Girl NFT will use COSMIZE as a platform for NFT sales and utility as well as co-create and incorporate various features to use in the virtual world. This will help both teams showcase their individual projects in unique ways for the enjoyment of all users.

This partnership will involve phases that include virtual wearables for your avatar, a virtual world contest, and other goods that will be released in due time. The main idea is to start small to later reach the bigger dreams that both teams have. We have no doubt that together they are stronger, and we all stand to benefit from this special partnership.

Follow both teams’ Twitter pages for more updates about their partnership.

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Candy Girl NFT:

About Candy Girl NFT

The NFT fine art collection “CANDY GIRL” by world renowned artist Yoshitaka Amano. It’s more than a PFP project, it offers many utilities and holder benefits. Our mission is to develop CANDY GIRL as a global entertainment project that brings together art, music, story, fashion, food, and digital goods. We will work with NFT holders to build an ecosystem in which CANDY GIRL can flourish in both the real and digital worlds.

About Cosmize

Cosmize is the first Polkadot based metaverse on Astar Network. Cosmize aims to create an environment where people & communities can express themselves in virtual spaces without restrictions.

About Astar

Astar Network — The Future of Smart Contracts for Multichain.

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