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Celer cBridge Partners with Astar Network to Enable Asset Bridging and Inter-chain Messaging

We are excited to announce that Celer cBridge now supports bridging to the Astar Network using the Open Canonical Token Standard. The Astar Network community is now able to use cBridge for a fast, low-cost cross-chain bridging experience between Astar Network $ASTR and 15 other supported blockchains and layer2 networks.

Additionally, the underlying Celer Inter-chain Messaging Framework (Celer IM) will enable cross-chain function calling, cross-chain dApp composability, and general message passing on the Astar Network very soon. This means that users from other blockchain ecosystems will be able to use applications built and deployed on Astar Network through Celer IM once it has been fully integrated.

In this initial integration, users can bridge ETH, USDT, USDC, DAI from Ethereum and BNB, BUSD from BSC to Astar Network.

Use the bridge here:

The token addresses for cBridge bridged tokens on Astar Network are:

USDT: 0x3795C36e7D12A8c252A20C5a7B455f7c57b60283

USDC: 0x6a2d262D56735DbA19Dd70682B39F6bE9a931D98

DAI: 0x6De33698e9e9b787e09d3Bd7771ef63557E148bb

WETH: 0x81ECac0D6Be0550A00FF064a4f9dd2400585FE9c

BNB: 0x7f27352D5F83Db87a5A3E00f4B07Cc2138D8ee52

BUSD: 0x4Bf769b05E832FCdc9053fFFBC78Ca889aCb5E1E

Celer plans to support more tokens on the Astar Network very soon and will integrate with other DeFi ecosystem partners as fast as they can! So stay tuned for more announcements in the near future.

About Celer

Celer Network is a layer-2 scaling platform that brings fast, secure, and low-cost blockchain applications on Ethereum, Polkadot, and other blockchains to mass adoption. Celer launched the world’s first Generalized State Channel Network and continues to push the frontier of layer-2 scaling with advanced Rollup technology. Core applications and middlewares like cBridge, and more ecosystem applications built on Celer have attracted more large audiences in DeFi, blockchain interoperability, and gaming space.

About Astar

Astar Network (previously known as Plasm) is a dApp hub on Polkadot that supports Ethereum, WebAssembly, and layer 2 solutions like ZK Rollups. Astar aims to be a multi-chain smart contract platform that will support multiple blockchains and virtual machines. Polkadot Relay Chain doesn’t support smart contracts. That’s why it’s important for the ecosystem to have a parachain that enables this for all developers who want to build in the Polkadot ecosystem. Astar is here to provide the best solution for all developers by supporting EVM and making a parachain where EVM and WASM smart contracts can co-exist and communicate with each other.

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