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Plasm Network partners with API3

We are proud to announce a strategic partnership with API3. API3 aims to provide truly decentralized data to Web 3.0 dApps and smart contracts without employing third-party intermediaries through the utilization of first-party oracles. Decentralized API’s aggregate data from first-party oracles, operated by some of the world’s premier API providers, is more secure and cost-efficient than alternative solutions that use intermediaries.

Decentralized API’s are created, managed, and monetized by the API3 decentralized autonomous organization (DAO). The DAO structure provides optimal trust-minimization and a framework for genuinely decentralized, on-chain data feeds.

Maarten Henskens — infrastructure developer, Plasm Network: “With this strategic partnership, we add another great feature on Plasm Network for our future developers. With the integration of API3, we connect smart contracts to real-world data.”

API3 connects smart contracts to real-world data

Heikki Vänttinen — Co-founder, API3: “API3 are big fans of the scaling focused approach taken by Plasm, and of the wider Polkadot ecosystem. We’re excited to take this step towards enabling access to real-world APIs and truly decentralized data for Plasm and look forward to helping developers create rich and fully featured dApps with it.”

A strategic collaboration

As API3 and Plasm teams work together over the next year, we will pursue opportunities for further collaboration:

  • Plasm will integrate API3’s decentralized API’s (dAPI) and Airnode-enabled API’s into its platform. This will give developers building on the Plasm network access to all of the data that API3 provides through these solutions. A dAPI is a secure and cost-efficient solution to provide a traditional API service to smart contracts in a decentralized way.
  • API3 and Plasm will organize a hackathon designed to test the Airnode’s functionality on Plasm, more information will be provided in the future.
  • Plasm will add API3 on dApps Staking platform so that API3 can earn PLM tokens by building oracles on Plasm Network.

Plasm Network and API3 are excited about working together to build a decentralized future and look forward to seeing what the future holds.

Learn more about API3
Twitter | Telegram | Discord (developer chat) | Github | Medium

Our goal is also to make a DAO. We will more align with solid projects and realize our vision with dedicated partners together.

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Maarten Henskens

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