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ShidenPass: Your Pass to Explore Shiden’s VM + NFT Mint Gift


ShidenPass is the mapping between your Shiden Native Address (*) and your Shiden EVM address (**). Holding the ShidenPass allows dApps on the Shiden Network to offer you extra perks and benefits. For example, dApps can reward their stakers with NFTs, airdrops, and much more!

To boost this mapping, we built out a limited and exclusive NFT dragon NFT. You will be able to claim a free ShidenPass NFT if you are an active staker on one of our Shiden dApp staking projects. Please note that it’s not the NFT that will give you access to future benefits but mapping your address and using dApp staking! The ShidenPass registration is completely free (excluding a small gas fee). If you do not want to map your accounts and use dApp staking, but you do want the ShidenPass NFT, then you can always buy it on our minting website for 500 SDN.

Are you new to dApp staking? Read more in our documentation or in our latest article to explain the Astar dApp staking mechanism.

(*) Shiden Native address is sometimes referred to as the Polkadot address. Example: ZfEuzYHyfo5TZfAx9fsntdkx2W4gDFLPwUNeqSrJTpQJXDc

(**) Shiden EVM address is also known as MetaMask address. Example: 0x0Ba1Aa8e98257EFb07cCa9bDCC410a38056897d1

The Story Behind the ShidenPass NFT

In a world where powerful humans and monsters lived amongst each other but were not always in harmony, trouble was inevitable. Luckily, there was an older, wise man named Mariotama. Mariotama defeated almost every monster with one swift purple lightning strike, also called the light of Shiden! He typically used his Purple Electricity to strike targets from a distance. However, he sometimes used it through direct contact, like when he placed his hand on spilled alcohol to transmit Purple Electricity throughout the surrounding area. Mariotama could modulate the Purple Electricity’s intensity, creating a strong blast to eliminate monsters with one decisive attack.

Monster families like Buterinska ruled over the fields of Astar and kept humanity under control with limitations to move, and reproduce, imposing high taxation and threatening the future of humanity. Not one to sit idle, Mariotama had the vision to end this era-long domination of the Buteriska strain. With his powers, Mariotama became the first human to eliminate one of the lead Buteriska. After winning the fight, Mariotama found out that the Buteriska he had defeated was protecting her nest, which held a purple-colored egg. Upon realizing this, Mariotama was overcome by his paternal instincts and he vowed to protect the egg and raise it as if it were one of his own!

Mariotama kept the egg warm by creating a lightning shield around the shelf. An epoch later, the egg cracked, and something unique came out of the egg — something unexpected. A purple baby dragon had risen out of the shells. Mariotama had created a new bread of Buteriska by combining the best of Buteriska with his own looks. The Shiden Dragons were officially born.

There is still a long path to go, but humanity now has a future with the new strain of dragons!

Instructions to Claim your ShidenPass

Map your accounts

  1. To map your accounts, you need to visit our ShidenPass registration page.
  2. Click on ‘Connect Native Wallet’ and select the wallet you use for dApp staking.
  3. ‘Connect MetaMask’, select your wallet and follow the instructions in your MetaMask.
  4. The final step is to ‘Register to ShidenPass’ and sign your transactions. Make sure you have a gas fee on both accounts. Don’t have any gas available? Use our Faucet that you can find on our portal, make sure you connect with the correct wallet that needs a gas fee.
  5. After both transactions are approved you will see the following message: “Congratulations! You now hold the ShidenPass. Use it in the Shiden ecosystem to claim rewards. Note, ShidenPass is valid as long as you are an active staker in dApps staking.”.
  6. During the ShidenPass campaign, you can now ‘Claim a Free ShidenPass NFT’.
Supported native wallets.

Claim your NFT

After clicking on the claiming button you are now on the minting page. The first step is connecting your MetaMask wallet.

When you are connected you will see if you are eligible to mint the NFT for free because you are staking in our dApp staking mechanism or if you need to pay for your NFT. Do you see a green checkmark? Congrats! Thanks a lot for your support. If you just want to buy the NFT, you can mint it here.

Now you can mint your NFT, sign the transaction and view it on TofuNFT.

Important notes:

  • You can only map 1 native account to 1 EVM account. If you connect a new native account to your already used EVM account, this will overwrite the previous mapped address.
  • Your ShidenPass is only valid as long you are an active staker in our dApp staking mechanism.
  • ShidenPass is available for non-ECDSA accounts so if you got an error ‘signed message not confirmed’ during the registration process, please double check if you are using an ECDSA account. If you do not know what is ECDSA account then you most likely do not have this kind of problem. The workaround for this error is to move your staked funds to a new account and register with that new account.

Let’s welcome AstarBase. What are the benefits for our developers with this initiative? AstarBase is an on-chain EVM database. AstarBase contains a mapping of users’ EVM and Native ss58 addresses. Such mapping on its own does not bring any benefit to the projects since anyone can register this address pair. What brings the value is the call checkStakerStatus() which checks if the ss58 address of the pair is an active staker. The AstarBase contracts are available on each of Shibuya/Shiden/Astar Networks. The deploy addresses can be found in the AstarBase GitHub repository.

The goals of the AstarBase product are:

  • Bring more users to EVM dApps;
  • Create more opportunities for end-users to participate in the Astar ecosystem;
  • Enable EVM dApps to attract and reward users even though they have the majority of their funds staked on dApps Staking;
  • Encourage users to stake and use dApp Staking mechanism.

About Astar Network

Astar Network is the #1 TVL Smart Contract Hub for WASM + EVM on Polkadot. Since winning its Parachain auction in January 2022, Astar Network has become the top Parachain in the Polkadot ecosystem in terms of Total Value Locked ($1.5B+) and most Ethereum assets transferred over ($200M). Astar Network is the leading smart contract hub that connects the Polkadot ecosystem to Ethereum, Cosmos, and all major layer 1 blockchains. Astar Network supports dApps using multiple virtual machines — namely WASM and EVM — and offers the best technology solutions and financial incentives via its Build2Earn and Astar Incubation Program for Web3 developers to build on top of a secure, scalable, and interoperable blockchain.

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