The First Successful Cross-Chain Messaging Passing (XCMP) Transaction on Polkadot Testnet

Maarten Henskens
Astar Network
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3 min readFeb 18, 2021


Plasm and Acala have completed the first XCMP-lite transaction on Polkadot’s testnet, Rococo

We are thrilled to announce that Plasm Network successfully completed a cross-chain message between Plasm and Acala on Rococo, Polkadot and Kusama’s parachain testnet.

Acala, our friend in the Polkadot ecosystem, is also running a parachain successfully on Rococo. As two parachains connected through Rococo’s Relay Chain, we started testing cross-chain use-cases.

Acala recently had a successful token transfer locally to Laminar via XCM (Cross-Consensus Message). Acala built and released the XTokens pallet for token transfers in the Polkadot ecosystem. Any parachain using the XTokens pallet can now integrate with Acala. XTokens was released as a common good library for any parachains to use.

What We Have Done

Aleksandr Krupenkin, lead engineer at Plasm, found some issues with XCM on Rococo. Aleksandr submitted a PR and his pull request was merged by Parity.

After that, we used XCMP-lite on Rococo to make a transfer to Acala. We believe that XCMP is one of the most fundamental components of Polkadot.

After the initial testing phase, we implemented the XTokens pallet, which is used in the Plasm parachain’s runtime. The next rightful step was to do a live XCMP-lite test on Rococo with the Acala parachain, Mandala.

This is another great milestone for the entire ecosystem. Please check out our demo below!

Now, we are ready to test XCMP-lite with other Polkadot ecosystem teams!! Feel free to contact us and let’s make history together.

About Acala

Acala is the decentralized financial hub and stablecoin of Polkadot that makes it fast and easy to use or build financial applications, improving trading efficiency and saving time. The platform offers a suite of financial primitives: a multi-collateralized stablecoin backed by cross-chain assets like Bitcoin, a trustless staking derivative, and a decentralized exchange to unleash liquidity and power financial innovations. Acala is the de-facto open platform for finance applications to use smart contracts or built-in protocols with out-of-the-box cross-chain capabilities and robust security.

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About Plasm

Plasm Network is a scalable smart contract platform on Polkadot supporting cutting-edge layer 2 solutions and Ethereum Virtual Machine. It is built on Substrate and designed to be a Polkadot Parachain. Plasm Network focuses on making a great smart contract platform so that dApps developers on Polkadot do not need to pay much attention to infrastructure and can focus more on their dApps. Ideally, the developers can build whatever applications on Plasm Network without having to consider its scalability.

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