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ADA4Good becomes the first Astarter Associate SPO.

Astarter Associate Stake Pool Operators make it possible for pool delegators to merge stake Astarter $AA tokens on top of regular ADA rewards.

We are honored to announce the first Astarter Associate Stake Pool Operator, joining our associate program to enable pool delegators to merge stake Astarter $AA tokens.

Astarter Associate SPO is one of two programs that enable Cardano Stake Pool Operators and delegators, by extension, to participate in the Astarter ISPO Merge Staking Protocol.

The criteria to become an Astarter Associate SPO is based inherently, on the trustless nature of the Cardano Ouroboros protocol. That is to say, while there is an application process and limited number of initial number of available slots the program is open for all Cardano SPOs to apply and become an Astarter Associate SPO.

Delegating to an Astarter Associate SPO enables the option for the pool delegates to Merge Stake $AA rewards on top of their regular ADA rewards.

ADA4Good is an independent single stake pool operator with quality infrastructure, vast experience, and an active community. In addition ADA4Good Stake Pool is mission driven and makes valuable charity donations using the pool fees.

It is a great honor to welcome ADA4Good as the first Astarter Associate SPO. We will announce more pools joining our programs in due course and as we roll out the Astarter ISPO and Merge Staking Protocol.

Also, to help us facilitate the roll out of the Astarter ISPO and Merged Staking protocol, we will be consulting with Vahid as an ISPO Advisor. As an ISPO advisor and independent stake pool operator with experience and familiarity in this space, we feel Vahid makes a valuable contribution to the Cardano ecosystem.

The announcement was first made during our Astarter community Twitter space discussion and later shared on our YouTube channel for playback here.

Thank you for reading and please stay tuned for more updates as we roll out our ISPO and Merge Staking Protocol.

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