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Fluid Pool becomes Astarter Merge Staking Partner SPO to enable Merge Staking $AA

We are honoured to announce that Fluid Pool has become an Astarter Partner Stake Pool Operator, joining our partner program to enable pool delegators to merge stake Astarter $AA tokens.

Astarter Partner SPO is one of two programs that enable Cardano Stake Pool Operators and delegators, by extension, to participate in the Astarter ISPO Merge Staking Protocol.

The criteria to become an Astarter Partner SPO is based inherently, on the trustless nature of the Cardano Ouroboros protocol. That is to say, while there is an application process and a limited number of available slots the program is open for all Cardano SPOs to apply and become an Astarter Partner SPO.

Delegating to an Astarter Partner SPO enables the option for the pool delegates to Merge Stake $AA rewards on top of their regular ADA rewards. The greater the $ADA delegation and $AA Merge Staked the higher the rewards for delegates and Fluid as an Astarter Partner SPO.

FLUID Pool operates out of the UK-based web development agency FLUID7 Ltd. Having recognised the new opportunities within the blockchain software market, FLUID7 began the transition from a Web2 agency to Web3. In early 2021, Director Jonathan Adjei found himself immersed in the Project Catalyst experiment and toward the end of the Shelley era launched the FLUID stake pool committing to long-term support of the Cardano blockchain. The principles of decentralisation, on-chain governance, financial autonomy, and self-sovereign identity resonate strongly with the ethos of the company and by operating a mission-based pool, FLUID7 is creating real-world impact through donating to charity whilst helping to drive blockchain adoption.

“Astarter’s carefully considered approach to DeFi and to a healthy decentralised Cardano has already attracted some highly respected Stake Pool operators. We are honoured to join them in offering this exciting new reward model for our delegators.” — Jonathan Adjei

Astarter is very much looking forward to working with Fluid to bring Merge Staking $AA rewards on top of $ADA pool rewards.

As a DeFi Infrastructure Hub on Cardano, Astarter will bridge the gap which allows DeFi builders to deploy fast, secure, and interoperable decentralized applications.

Thank you for reading and please stay tuned for more updates as we roll out our ISPO and Merge Staking Protocol.

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Astarter is a key DeFi infrastructure hub on Cardano with four core applications: Launchpad, DEX, Money Market & Tech Service Platform.

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