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The Dark Side of the Digital Revolution

The digital revolution came with a promise of liberation, but generated the greatest accumulation of power humanity has ever known…

This graph shows the accumulation of ticket sales income for the richest 1% of artists. A similar phenomenon is observed in many industries.

Siren Servers

Scene from the Odyssey where Ulysses ties himself to the mast to avoid succumbing to the singing of the Sirens. Painting by Herbert James Draper (1909).
US media industry turnover. This graph shows the concentration in the US media industry. Only two companies, Google and Facebook, have revenues that exceed the newspaper industry as a whole at its all-time peak.
Market value of the main retail companies in the United States. Amazon has already exceeded the value of all its competitors combined.
Monthly active users in different messaging services. WhatsApp, Facebook and Instagram, the empire of Mark Zuckerberg.

The New Intermediation

Market value and number of Kodak employees. Kodak, the world leader in photography, collapsed within a few years. Its 140,000 jobs were lost.



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