Void Moon

Anthony Narváez
Asterastia Astrology
2 min readMar 13, 2024


Artwork by OpenAI DALL·E 3

The Moon travels through the Zodiac at a pace of roughly 2 1/2 days for each sign. There are special moments during the Moon’s transit that are identified by its geometric orientation to other celestial bodies. These patterns describe brief but important moments in time.

Moments described by Ptolemaic aspects to planets are pronounced, while others are more subtle. Each moment builds to a climax illustrated by perfect celestial geometry, then begins a new ascent to the next moment. This lunar rhythm represents our daily biography.

When the Moon reaches the last of the pronounced moments before changing signs, it is then known as Void of Course. This designation could suggest there is nothing happening, but that’s only how it appears. The Void of Course Moon is for personal integration and alchemy.

The Moon while Void of Course is like reheating a cup of tea. Imagine you are busy, there are things on your mind, and your tea has cooled to room temperature. You decide to reheat it, but then set the cup down and walk away, returning later to find it cold once again.

When tea is reheated, it takes up more space as its volume expands. Its particles excite and spread out, changing the tea’s molecular orientation. As the tea cools, its molecules slow down and it returns to its original density. Despite appearance, your cup of tea has changed.