Announcing the Asteria Discord Referral Contest!

Hello Asterians,

Before we share the contest details, here’s amazing news that many of you’ve been waiting for: The Asteria Testnet is officially scheduled to launch in early November!🎉🎉🎉

This marks the journey of Asteria as a DeFi 3.0 pioneer, allowing early Asterians and long-term supporters to capture the edge and power by participating in our community bootstrapping events. Through these events, participants can acquire the tATAT tokens that allow incentives, future ATAT tokens, and power to be more heavily aligned towards long-term supporters a.k.a YOU!

So don’t hesitate and spread the word on Discord about DeFi 3.0’s strongest force — Asteria!

Referral Contest Details:

  • Total Prize Pool: A total of 200,000 $tATAT will be distributed to winners while supplies last.
  • The contest starts on September 28th, at 12:00 PM UTC
  • The contest ends on: October 12th, 12:00 PM UTC
  • Contest location: Asteria Discord:

How to participate?

  • Join Asteria’s Discord Server
  • Invite new users to the Asteria
  • Generate your own invite link (Figure 1).
  • Share your invitation link and start inviting your friends to Asteria Discord.
Figure 1
  • Only when the invited user has verified and joined the channel will be counted as a valid invitation and added to the leaderboard at 🏆invite-leaderboard.

How does it work?

Users enter the Discord server and invite new users to the Asteria Discord server by sharing the invitation link.

The “inviter” can get a token reward of 10 tATAT tokens for each new user invited successfully on Asteria Discord. The maximum reward per person is 5000 tATAT tokens.

Users who invite the top 5 users on the leaderboard will get extra prizes (the top five users can at least invite more than 300 users to get extra prizes).


  • 1st place: 💰6,000 $tATAT
  • 2nd place:💰5,000 $tATAT
  • 3rd place: 💰4,000 $tATAT
  • 4th place: 💰3,000 $tATAT
  • 5th place: 💰2,000 $tATAT


Every new member who retweeted our event and poster on Twitter, tagged 5 friends, and submitted the retweet link to the form will have a chance to win another 100 tATAT!!


1. You cannot invite a robot or a fake account; if you do, the reward will be invalidated

2. Event rewards will be distributed uniformly after the event ends

3. You can send the /invites command on the Discord server to check the number of invitees

4. Asteria Finance Lab reserves the right of final interpretation of this event

Stay competitive fam, and don’t miss out on the fun and rewards!

Asteria Team🙌



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