Asteria Finance Lab Logo Revamp

Asteria is launching a new logo that will represent our vision better in the long run.

While our logo has received much love, we felt it was time for a much-needed refresh. The rebranding also aims to communicate Asteria’s growth and development progress, which will eventually mature into Asteria’s Testnet launch scheduled for November, and the Mainnet launch in 2023.

One logo, one vision, many Interpretations

Asteria’s new logo brings out different notions depending on how you view it.

Some view it as a steady foundation, a true paradigm of the current decentralized derivatives landscape. Others see it as a vital ground for quantitative research and innovation or quite interestingly, a conduit of sustainability.

Irrespective of the notion the logo renders for the viewer, its design represents stability, modularity, and ingenuity.

Stability as a new primitive that will change DeFi forever;

Modularity in accommodating many applications and use cases and a focus on composability;

Ingenuity as a new quantitive-based options infrastructure in DeFi.

Most importantly, the triangular logo highlights the three layers that establish Asteria Finance Lab

At the Protocol Layer, three key components define Asteria — American/European Option Pricing, Trading, and Hedging. These functionalities are the foundation for the entire Asteria product line and liquidity contributors.

At Template Layer, the Asteria team is building more complex option-based structures like straddles, exotic options, barrier options, compound options, chooser options, Asian options, lookback options, etc.

At the Application and Incubation Layer, Asteria is nurturing a new DeFi ecosystem focused on the following principles:

  • Research of underlying financial options-based theories and technology
  • Constructing bespoke quantitative strategies and building novel in-house options-based products
  • Working with the most enterprising DeFi projects to create a diverse ecosystem

Crafted with love and innovation

Launching this logo rebrand is just the start of a new journey, and we’re excited to see how it evolves as vision becomes a reality.

We’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback on the new logo! You can tell us your thoughts on Telegram or Discord!



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Asteria, committed to be DeFi infrastructure, defines decentralized protocol of option pricing, trading and hedging of AMM mechanism