Asteria Testnet Options Trading Contest FIRST ROUND

Trade options on Asteria Testnet with FREE test USDT, share profit rate to get 10 USDT reward
Asteria testnet:
Testnet tutorial:
How to claim:
(1) Trade options on Asteria testnet, if your yield rate in one option position is above 50%, exercise your option and claim the reward
(1) Join Asteria official telegram group,, send the screenshot of your option yield rate in the group
(2) Follow our Tweeter @AsteriaProtocol
Activity period: July 7 10:00 — July 10 10:00 (EST)
Notice: Only the first 20 qualified users can be rewarded, each user can claim the reward once and there will be more contest with higher reward in the future so please keep in touch with us



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Asteria, committed to be DeFi infrastructure, defines decentralized protocol of option pricing, trading and hedging of AMM mechanism