Introducing $tATAt — A Community Reward Token

Hello Asteria Community,

After months and months of stealth mode building and testing bespoke quantitative models for the future of options-DeFi, we’re slowly entering the pre-launch phase. This phase will welcome several high-quality integrations, strategic partnerships, inter/intra-community campaigns, other marketing efforts, and more.

As such, in order to incentivize the community, and long-term network participants of Asteria Finance Lab, we are introducing the $tATAT token.

What is $tATAT?

$tATAT has a total supply of 100 billion and will be distributed as incentives/airdrops to participants during upcoming campaigns, contests, and other events hosted by Asteria Finance Labs.

tATAT tokens can be converted into $ATAT tokens, once we launch the $ATAT tokens. We will add a conversion function on the protocol UI for easy conversion.

As a synthetic token, the $tATAT will help rein hyperinflation while rewarding early adopters and long-term holders.


  • Chian: BNB Chain
  • Contract address: 0xd61726382cc07ef813985d40a4464bc31a664576
  • Total amount: 100,000,000,000
  • Token Ticker: tATAT

How does the $tATAT/$ATAT value correlate?

  • 100 $tATAT is equivalent to 1 $ATAT token (pegged 100:1 ratio)
  • The $ATAT value will be the only indicator for the $tATAT tokens value.
  • Note that the $tATAT token is not meant to be transferrable from one wallet to the other.

Launching $tATAT tokens kickstarts a new chapter in Asteria’s journey. We’re especially excited about this new chapter, as it will play an important role in how we onboard and rewards the early adopter and protocol supporter in the long term.

Want to know about the $tATAT token or any other product under the Asteria Finance Lab umbrella☂️? You can write to us on Telegram or Discord!



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