Leading DeFi Options Protocol Asteria Reach A Strategic Partnership With DeFi Borrowing/Lending Platform SmartCredit.io

At 9:00 AM EDT 26th of July, Asteria, a New York-based decentralized options protocol, announced a strategic partnership with the DeFi Borrowing/Lending platform SmartCredit.io. Asteria and SmartCredit.io will launch a full range of strategic cooperation.

Asteria and SmartCredit.io partnership will enable DeFi borrowing and lending in the Asteria ecosystem. Asteria will integrate fixed-term loan return into the yield aggregator. Users will be able to use upcoming Asteria tokens and to borrow fixed-term against them — the users can monetize their token holdings. Users will stay longer in the Asteria Dapp, and users will generate more revenues for Asteria. Asteria will receive 50% of the loan origination fees of their users. Asteria will receive SMARTCREDIT tokens pro-rata per loan volume. This integration translates into the increased utility of the Asteria platform!

Asteria is a decentralized option trading protocol based on the Peer2Pool trading structure. Asteria implements professional Pricing Models and a comprehensive Risk Management system with Delta Neutral Hedging mechanism. It also integrates yield farming and hedging aggregation components to improve LPs’ capital efficiency. A variety of innovative option-based products are designed including Impermanent Loss Hedger, Ladder Options, Mining Risk Hedger, and other structured products. Architecturally, Asteria is built on DeFi cutting-edge technologies such as NFT and Layer2.

SmartCredit.io is a DeFi borrowing/lending platform focusing on fixed-income loans, fixed-interest-rate loans, and DeFi Fixed-Income-Funds.

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Asteria, committed to be DeFi infrastructure, defines decentralized protocol of option pricing, trading and hedging of AMM mechanism