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Asterisk Monthly: About Your Past Life [Aug, 2020]

Writing Prompt: Who were you in your past life?

In August, we pretended to remember our past lives as our writing prompt.Whether we believe we’ve lived past lives or not we’ve imagined what it would be like to have memories from another time, another place. Was it better? Worse than now? Read below to find out:


Photo: Ana Luíza Azevedo

I had no clue.
I kept Having this dream.
It was a girl, pink gal into the woods.
Screaming for help!
He was his lover, and now her worse nightmare.
She was crying so much.
She was non stoping.
I was non stoping.
Suddenly, She felt down on the ground, and I felt the most accute pain.
I was Lying on the grass.
We were bleeding to the death.
She in pink, me in white.
Until I woke up.

Thats a frequent dream I have during all my years as a Human Being. I Connect it to a past life or something.

Regiane Folter

Sometimes, when this life gets too hard, I close myself in my thoughts and try to think of happier existences. So I think about the previous ones. I wonder about my past lives, the ones I lived before the one I’m living now, the ones I lived and died in order to become the soul I am today. The lives that went by before this life I’m living, this complicated life that sometimes gets so difficult that I ask myself if I want to keep going.
When this happens, I daydream and create hypotheses about my past lives. And I imagine them with so many details that I almost believe they are true. But I’m not sure. Are they true? Am I true? Questions, questions. Why can’t I be happy and nothing else? But I can’t stop myself, so I ask the universe
In my previous lives, was I happy? Did I live fulfilling experiences? At the end, was I peaceful and glad, or bitter and full of regrets?
In my previous lives, was I loved? Did I live alone or surrounded by people? Did I feel alone even surrounded by people?
In my previous lives, was I good? Was I fair and helpful? Did I do good things for myself and others? Or did I just look after good things for myself and no one else?
In my previous lives, was I strong? Did I manage to overcome challenges such as the ones I’m facing right now? Did I succeed or did I fail?
I don’t know. Maybe one day I will, maybe I won’t. But asking these things gives me the strength to try once more. This may be my first life or it could be the last one. And I shall give my best.

Guilherme Aniceto

I have been thinking about past lives.
Maybe on past existences,
There could have been for me some peace.
Maybe instead of thinking about husbands,
My past self would have thought about wives.
Maybe instead of aiming wrists to knives,
My past self would have seeked safe and sound images.
The truth is that no past self would have been the one I truly am.
The one I have chosen to believe in.

Photo: Ana Luíza Azevedo

However, in a dream,
I once remembered I lived in a jungle.
Close to big birds that could not fly,
Friend to horses of colors that do not exist anymore.
Maybe some animal of any kind,
There were no mirrors back then, so I did not see my face.
In that dream, I recall to have thoughts of tranquility.
I used to run with those birds and horses.
They were true.
Was I?

Am I?

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