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Asterisk Week #42: About The End Of The World

The world ended yesterday

Photo: Ana Azevedo

Asterisk Project: International Creative Writing

“The world ended yesterday” is our prompt number #42 suggested by our new member Angel Adames. He chose this idea because he figured it’d inspire some very interesting post-apocalytptic stories. Here’s all the compositions for this week:

Viviane Souza:

The world ended yesterday, but curiously I woke up today like it wasn’t nothing. As if nothing had happened one day before… And I was alone.
Just me.
And nobody else.
Because the world ended yesterday, and I am the only one person who is alive.

Gabriela Prado

My mind’s imploding.
my heart’s melting.
My consciousness’s fading
and my life’s running.

The world ended yesterday
but we’re still here.
The wordl will watch tomorrow.
But today we’re becoming dust in galactic sphere.

The world ended yesterday
and today we’re emerging.

Regiane Folter

- Let’s play a game! — yelled Ann out of the blue.

- There she goes… — whispered my best friend, Lisa. She loved Ann, we all did, but at 4am it was difficult to keep up with the love. Especially when Ann started to act like it was still 7pm and the party was just getting started.

- Come on guys, it’s still early! Let’s keep this party going! — said Ann, even more enthusiastically. She stood up and started to gather the few remaining people, asking everyone to sit in a circle in the middle of the room.

- Poor thing, she doesn’t want the night to end. — commented Paul, sitting next to us. Lisa and I exchanged a look; everyone knew Paul had a crush on Ann and would do anything she demanded.

Soon enough, Ann had organized the circle. It was a sad thing. The party was good while it lasted, yeah, but at this time the eight people left weren’t in their best shape. The tired faces, some of which deteriorated by makeup leftovers, the messy clothes, the alcohol breaths and other physical indicators were proof that all of us would rather be at our homes, sleeping, than playing the silly game Ann would suggest. But no, there we were, holding our thoughts about beds and blankets to go along with Ann and her never-ending party. Damn friendship.

- Please Ann, please, let us go home! — said Lisa, her bad mood audible in every syllable. Some of us moved our heads agreeing, but Ann was too drunk to realize our unhappiness. Instead, she laughed as if Lisa had told a great joke.

- Lisa, you are su funny! — answered her, chuckling. We sighed. The party would go on. — Now, let’s focus guys. We are going to have so much fun with this game!

- What game? — asked Paul, the only one who seemed truly interested in learning it.

- Thanks for the support, Paul, I knew you’d back me up!

- Get a room you two. — I said and Paul’s face turned red, but Ann just frowned.

- Why would us go to the room, Tom, if the party is happening here? Don’t be silly! — said Ann, while sitting in a chair in the middle of the circle and taking her heels off. For Paul’s sake, she was too busy to notice his pitiful look.

- Not all the booze in the world will help Paul overcome the friend zone. — whispered Lisa and I laughed for the first time since that game nonsense had started.

Someone started to pass a bottle, and we all gave up going home while Lisa started to explain the game.

- So, we are going to play a game called “The world ended yesterday.”

- I don’t think we want to play a made up game, Ann.

- It’s not a made up game, Lisa! — screamed Ann, utterly offended. Lisa rolled her eyes.

- Oh yeah? How did you find out about it?

- I… I played it before.

- Where?

- With Don. — suddenly, Ann seemed vulnerable. Her smile dropped and her eyes seemed wide open, almost scared.

- Great job Lisa! We spent the whole night trying to avoid the Don subject, and at the end of the night you decide to screw things over. — complained Paul while one of the girls approached Ann and asked her if she needed something.

- No, no, I’m fine. Don’t worry. Let’s play. — said Ann, clearing her voice and forcing a smile. — Would you play, Lisa?

The two girlfriends stared at each other and Lisa caved. Of course she would play. Ann needed her support, after all.

- Ok, so, “The world ended yesterday.” It’s a pretty easy game, actually. We are all survivors of some crazy shit that happened and caused the end of the world as we know it. Each of one of us has to explain what happened, how the world ended. The others, listen first and ask questions later. Then, we vote on the best reason for the end of the world. The best story wins.

- That’s it? That’s the game? — asked Paul, a bit disappointed.

- Yeah, it’s a storytelling game. Come on guys, it’s fun! It is supposed to help us improve our communication and creativity skills. — explained Ann, after seeing our frustrated faces.

- Ok, I start. — said Lisa. — There was this party, in a Soho apartment in New York City. It was good, but then the party hostess didn’t let anyone leave. Her friend, who was a little crazy, got so bored and tired that she accidently burned the place down. The fire was so powerful that the flames started to disseminate and soon enough the whole city was burning. Few people survived and New York was turned into ashes.

Some of us clapped, but Ann didn’t seem very pleased.

- How one fire could destroy the whole world?

- Who knows? It could propagate with the wind and stuff. But who cares? My world is here in New York, I don’t really care about what’s over the borders. — Lisa answered, taking a good sip from the bottle.

- Well, Ann, come on. It’s a possibility. — I said, and the party hostess shrugged, accepting Lisa’s story.

- Ok, well… Good luck with that. Who goes next?

- Let me try. — said Paul, a witty look in his face. — Ok, I got it. There was an international disagreement and the countries divided in two factions. It culminated in a world war, and one night someone started a nuclear battle that caused the world’s destruction.

- What is this, the 90s? Some kind of Cold War rebound, Paul?

- It’s possible, Lisa.

- It sounds like a lame Rocky movie, but it is more credible than your end-of-the-world story, girl. — as I gave my opinion, Paul’s smile got wider.

- Which side are you on? — asked Lisa, trying to sound annoyed, but grimming. — Why don’t you go next, mister literary critic?

- Oh, ok, let’s see… Well, I have an idea. We all love Netflix, right? — everyone nodded, and I felt confident to move forward. — Ok, yeah, but just imagine that the guys behind Netflix are not as nice as they seem. Instead of a group of media entrepreneurs that want people to be happy and have fun with their series and movies, what if they are evil crime geniuses that for years made all of us addicted to their shows just to accomplish their dark plan? I believe that the world may end because one day they will broadcast a brain wash sitcom that will turn all of their audience in flesh-eating zombies. Then, they will use this zombie army to install their world domination upon the remaining human beings.

- I knew you were going for zombies! It’s so you, Tom! — Ann yelled, very pleased with herself. Lisa and Paul weren’t convinced.

- Give me a break, that’s even worse than my story! Why on earth would Netflix guys want to destroy the world? — demanded Lisa.

- I don’t think it’s possible to convert someone in a zombie with a TV show, Tom. — criticized Paul.

- It may not be the perfect story guys, but you should have seen your faces. You got all very interested in my narrative.

- That’s true. It was a good story. — said Ann.

- Probably not as good as the one you must have planned to share with us, Ann! Why don’t you go next? — suggested Paul. But Ann seemed uncomfortable.

- Oh no, someone else must go first.

- Come on party girl, it’s your time to shine! Don’t be shy. What’s your end of the world story? — I asked. Ann faced me, suddenly pale.

- I don’t have a story. I mean… Maybe I do. My world kind of ended recently, you all know.

The group became silent. That was the moment we were trying to avoid. But maybe it was time to face it. Ann continued.

- Yes, yes it did. My world exploded. Metaphorically speaking, of course. But the damage is real. After so many years fighting that awful disease, I lost my Don. He was my world. And now he’s gone. And I’m all alone, I feel like a survival. The last one standing. It’s been some months now, since his death. And I decided to throw this party to feel good about myself, to feel normal again. But I can’t. I can’t. I can dance, and drink, and make my friends play stupid games — you were right, Lisa, it’s a silly game — but I will never heal. I will never have my world back as it was.

It was the first time we saw Ann talking about Don without crying. But the sharpness in her voice and her lifeless eyes were worse than her tears, because they made her sound hopeless. Like she really believed in what she had just said.

No one knew what to say. Paul was speechless, and Lisa seemed to be about to cry. I was shivering, too, but I made an effort and reached for Ann’s hand.

- I think I speak on behalf of everyone here, every one of us, survivals just like you, dear Ann. No one can beat you in this game, girl. Your story is really the best one.

At first, Ann seemed shocked by my words; seconds later, she started laughing and there was our Ann back, the happy, always laughing girl, with her joyful eyes and beautiful heart. We all started laughing with her, and while the sun started to rise and the first sunshines enlightened us through the window, we welcomed a new day among friends, with renovated spirits. I hugged Ann and whispered to her: “You will never be a survival alone. You can count on us always”. She just hugged me back, nodding.

The others joined us in a group hug. Until today, it was one of the best parties I went. All because of that damn friendship.

Photo: Ana Azevedo

Guilherme Aniceto

The world ended yesterday
in the eyes of a child
who saw the war taking over

The world ends today
in the hands of a young
who shoots a gun for the first time

The world will end tomorrow
in the soul of an adult
who’ll kill their first victim.

The world we know
ends every single day
when hate eats a soul.


- Jim, grab those boxes full of pasta, rice and water you’ll need them if you want to survive. Also take duct tape it fixes everything. And beer… It’ll fix us if we need a doctor.
- Andrew you know… I don’t have enough money for that. My wife spent it all on last vacation.
- What?!???
- You remember we had a trip to Spain few months ago… So we spent a lot of money on it.
- But you earn like 4k euros per month and you want to say that you spent it all and your savings for this trip?
- No. Our savings are for our children college and for our “safety belt” for emergencies.
- So you think that meteorite which crushes to earth isn’t an emergency?
- I don‘t believe it. I still think that the scientists made a mistake and the earth will be fine. Maybe they calculated trajectory bad? You never thought about that?
- Russia‘s, USA‘s , China‘s and other countries best scientists did they own calculations and all of them got the same results. We‘ll be dead. You hear me we‘ll be dead.
- So what? Shit happens.. You know…
- Whatever man… Do how you want…. But if you don’t believe it, why you dig bunker in your own yard?
- To play for kids….
- 100 thousands euros worth bunker to play for kids? You’re a father of year then…. Anyway could we come play in this bunker too?
- Of course. Come today we will make a family dinner tonight.

Next day:
Bam. Kablinkst. Kablunkst. Bih bah salabim. Meteorite destroyed and killed everything. It doesn’t matter you were in a bunker, sauna or a party. Everyone you knew, everyone you loved or hated now is a fertilizer for a new reborn of the planet earth.

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