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Drift All You Like

About running away from your problems, and they coming with you.

Puerto Plata, República Dominicana 2018 — Photo: Ana Azevedo

Drift all you like
From ocean to ocean
Search the whole world
But drunken confessions
And hijacked affairs
Will just make you more alone

Man of War — Radiohead

I packed my bags while listening to this song when I left home last year to come and live in a country I knew nothing about. For reasons I could not explain at the time I knew I had to get out. In reality I had a lot of reason. The world is terrible, the economy is collapsing and all that jazz. At that point I had good excuses to hop on a plane and get the fuck out.

The plan was having no plan and so far I have been sucessful. New country, new rules, new job, new people. And somehow the same problems. I can’t tell you that moving and crossing seas has solved my issues. I know things now. It only makes me sadder. The worst part is that I don’t see myself changing in the near future. There are still many more seas to cross.

So much to see, even if I’m alone.
sometimes I write poetry
sometimes I paint with crayons
sometimes I cook
nevertheless I envy
the neighbor couple who fight in creolle.

Santo Domingo, República Dominicana 2018 ´- Photo: Ana Azevedo

Ana Luíza Azevedo: Brazilian now living in Dominican Republic, drifter;



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