Process Update: Tuesday, April 4

To recap, our group, AsSquad was considering two possible service concepts:

  • AsthmaAcademy — a non-profit consultancy that goes into schools and works with students and teachers to increase awareness of asthma with the aim of demystifying and normalizing it.
  • FunHaler™ — a website service which allows children and their parents to custom design their own inhalers. The service would include the creation of a cartoon or comic that features the child with their customized inhaler, this comic would emphasize the “superpowers” that the child and inhaler have. Then the customized FunHaler and comic book would ship to the child’s home in the same manner that inhalers currently arrive.

We liked both ideas (and still do) but ultimately had to choose…

Based on initial research, reactions from our peers, and our own personal interests, we decided to pursue the FunHaler™ idea further!

Further Research Questions

Health Insurance

Our research shows that inhalers are provided by health insurance companies. A doctor we interviewed cautioned us that insurance providers might be unwilling to embrace this idea unless it shows that it helps with asthma symptoms. Further research and interviews healthcare professionals are needed to scope out how realistic our idea is, and/or what else we may need to consider to enable this service to be offered to every young asthma patient in the US.

In addition, we need to learn more about the process that occurs between diagnosis to the inhaler arriving in the mail. That would necessitate further discussions between doctors and/or health insurance personnel.

Working with Children

We have some ideas in which further research with children would be beneficial to us.

  • We could bring two or more inhalers to a group interview with children. One would be a standard inhaler, the other, customized with colors, stickers, textures, etc. We could ask the children which they like best and why.
  • We hold a small “decorating” workshop where we bring in a few plain inhalers (minus the medication of course) along with stickers and markers and let the kids decorate them.

Cartoon/Comic Book Component

What do kids like and what do they think is cool? What is appropriate for each age group? Is there a way to let the kids choose so that they don’t think we’re ‘trying too hard.’

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