Process Update: Tuesday, April 11

We took a deeper look into our service, and completed a first iteration of our service blueprint and developed a user journey map. We also identified and are working through a very complex and potential problem space for us: the medical insurance industry.

Journey Map

The journey map describes the current journey of someone living with asthma, from diagnosis to daily life.

Service Blueprint

We also went through a first iteration of our service blueprint. From completing this blueprint, we realized that there was a big hole in our knowledge of how to complete this project: insurance. People with asthma go to the pharmacy to pick up their prescription, and traditionally this entire process is handled by a pharmacy. In order to support an online service that fills prescriptions, we needed to explore and validate the possibility of dealing with insurance and prescriptions online.

We delved deeper into research to explore the medical/insurance space. In order to do this, we looked at both traditional models such as an in-person pharmacy and less traditional models, particularly Warby Parker for online prescription filling and Amazon for general online purchases.

Zooming in on the Medical/Insurance space

We explored the flow of both Warby Parker and a more traditional in-person model. We discovered that Warby Parker’s model is very in line with what we could do for our service, however, it lacks the ability to communicate with your insurance before purchasing. This means you have to pay full price, and be reimbursed by insurance later.

Moving Forward

We want to explore the potential for communicating with insurance at the time of purchase, to ensure that people don’t have to pay full price right up front. In order to do this, we are going to speak to pharmacists and people who know more about the insurance business. However, through Warby Parker, our basic insurance flow is supported.

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