Caring for a sick person

I drew these cuties especially for guys from!
They asked me to draw a girl from their team, her boyfriend and their pets. And this is what came of it!
I think it’s so cute when colleagues take care of each other.

1. Decorate bedroom with flowers and pictures that make her smile.

2. Make breakfast and take it to bed.

3. Remind take her medicine.

4. Share with her only positive.

5. Pamper tummy with fruit, chocolate and almonds. This will make her happy!

6. Make pet pats to lift the spirits.

7. Share with her your favorite movies.

8. Remember the best memories looking at pictures.

9. Organize a meeting with her friends and great pizza to the tune of a guitar.

10. By nightfall, creates the best place to rest in his bed. Watch her dream.

11. Embrace it! Make him feel always that you love and you’re there.

Special for GENIAL.GURU

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