Astrid’s new app uses generative AI to improve communication skills in the workplace

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, OCTOBER 31, 2022: Astrid, the next generation language learning and assessment company, today announced the launch of its new app leveraging generative AI to improve verbal communication skills.

Today’s digital-first world continues to influence how we work and live. The acceptance of remote and hybrid work has increased radically and professionals are to a higher extent seeking job opportunities outside of their home country or region. At the same time, more individuals than ever are interacting with one another online across a range of contexts and platforms. The ability to communicate effectively in English is now essential for achieving both personal and professional objectives.

A recent study conducted by the Harris Poll estimated that poor communication costs businesses as much as $1.2 trillion every year in the US alone. This is a real challenge that is only set to grow in significance in the hybrid work era, as poor communication is hindering collaboration, productivity and holding back output.

The launch of our new app couldn’t be better timed. In an increasingly digital and connected world, communicating confidently remains the most important skill you require in life — it’s foundational to achieving both individual and business goals. By boosting communication skills, you’re boosting growth.” says John Kristensen, Co-founder and COO of Astrid.

The new app continues to build on the company’s proprietary generative technology to deliver highly personalized and powerful learning paths unique to each user. Synthetically-created content that can be hyper-tailored, provide relevant, bite-sized opportunities to practice speaking and conversation skills. While users practice, the app’s Generative Teaching Assistant live-constructs assessment and exercises that adapt to users’ profile and skills gaps. This generative guidance is provided to users at the right times to form healthy learning habits and yield improved learning outcomes.

Astrid’s team of tutors and their community-powered approach to learning, made popular with millions of views on TikTok, is a core part of the app experience, enabling learners to improve faster with targeted feedback videos and bite-sized mini lessons ranging from work-related situations to travel, lifestyle, and other useful real-life interactions. Astrid combines conversation practice formats made popular by TikTok with Astrid’s proprietary core speech recognition technology, allowing users to get real-time scoring and feedback on their speaking and communications skills.

“We now cater to a group of people whose success depends on their ability to communicate in English, and we are confident that this new app will make a significant difference for them. By removing the barriers to good quality English education during the most crucial phases of life, we will improve the lives of many people across the globe” says Andreas Kullberg, Co-founder and CEO of Astrid.

About Astrid
Astrid is on a mission to better people’s lives by improving communication skills. Every day, users from around the world trust Astrid to help them become fluent, confident English speakers with products combining generative AI, proprietary speech recognition technology and the best of human tutoring skills. The team comprises engineers, academics, and company builders from organizations such as EF, Spotify, King, and Kry. Astrid is one of the GSV Elite 200, a group of the world’s most innovative early-stage EdTech startups, selected by a vanguard of leading global venture capital firms as well as strategic partners in digital learning and skills.

Astrid is located in Stockholm, Sweden, and Oxford, UK, and is backed by a global group of prominent tech entrepreneurs and investors.

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Astrid is an EdTech company applying recent breakthroughs in machine learning and speech recognition to education with a leading academic approach.

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Astrid is on a mission to improve how businesses and people communicate in the hybrid work era. Astrid combines proprietary speech recognition and generative AI