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Note: Trigger warning, the following article will be exploring a difficult subjects relating to sexual abuse.

This essay will be exploring Saturn and its presence in sex trafficking rings, the “casting couch”, pedophilia and adjacent areas of sexual abuse, with Jeffrey Epstein as the key figure but with many powerful figures in Hollywood as supplementary.

An example of such a figure, is Harry Cohn, who allegedly, “wouldn’t cast Marilyn unless in bed.” (Adams, 2017)

The “casting couch” — the practice of powerful white men exploiting young actresses trying to break into the movie business — has a historical precedent as old as the movie business itself.

It is important to remember that all placements, planets, and signs are inclined to their own form of perversion and that the mentioned placements are in no way “evil” by nature. The present essay should never be used to refer to individual Saturnian individuals.

Reflections on Saturn

Saturn at its extreme is a humiliating planet and we can even observe this in some of its more difficult human avatars, those that possess its energies strongly in their chart. Saturn’s pure objective is to erase your false identity, only then will it free you from within the crushing pressure of its rings and offer you true liberation. But for those who cling to falsity and to “ego”, they remain swallowed within it and reduced to ash.

Saturn, in its most aggressive, can belittle you and make you feel small and worthless. It is talented in completely erasing itself and others. The weak are completely crushed and left totally empty and this “emptiness” extends to a fascination for demeaning others sexually, which as we will see is an interesting way of “deleting someone else’s identity”. It is a planet of total “ignorance” or blackness and voidness, because in its most spiritual, it wishes to remove all the artificial lights we believe illuminate us but are trapping us within the wheel of samsara. But, in its most negative, it is merely black, leaving us with a sense of inner nothingness.

Consider what many sex slaves and those forced into prostitution often relate of their experiences when entertaining clients “The second the man enters the room; your brain switches off. You are not even there.” Many “forced prostitutes”, or sex slaves, who are tricked or kidnapped or otherwise forced to partake in sexual activities without consent, experience this state of total inner erasure — lying on the bed, half-dead, letting the so-called client have his way. Shrinking their own consciousness as a coping mechanism, such that they lose any awareness of their body.

Other activities and substances that provoke this “inner erasure” are drugs and alcohol — alcohol, specifically, being commonly associated with Saturn. The sex, drug and crime industries are seen as interlinked and they are all “hidden” realities, as Saturn is the soul or karaka of both the 8th and 12th houses of hidden realities and loss of consciousness.

As another coping mechanism is drug abuse, as a way of forcing oneself to “leave one’s body” as the “client” invades it and to bear the rest of one’s reality as an illegal human in a foreign nation, being tugged left and right by iron shackles with one’s vile, greedy handlers at the rein.

“Marilyn Monroe was passed from man to man, president to playwright to center fielder. This is another instance like that of Garland, where a star’s talent and beauty and charisma added up to low self-esteem, drug abuse and suicide in an industry that ate women for lunch.” (Adams, 2017)

So, this serves as the basis for the present essay on Uttara Bhadrapada, a nakshatra to whom such practices are exciting, for it too is the position of inner silence. We understand how this works in a “healthy” way — prayer, fasting and meditation to name a few common practices of this nakshatra. But through exploring Jeffrey Epstein and other figures, we will come to understand other ways such energies are expressed.

Let us now study these natives.

The “Casting Couch”:

Most of the names listed below come from the this Variety article on The History of the Casting Couch, in which most of the perpetrators had either Saturnian nakshatras or Saturn quite prominent in their chart.

We have the examples of:

· Harry Cohn, with Pushya Sun. Quoting the article “When the studio system consolidated in the late ’20s and early ’30s as talkies eclipsed silent movies, the men in charge of the Big Seven notoriously abused their power.” Harry Cohn was a co-founder, president, and production director of Columbia Pictures Corporation.

· Jack Warner, who is likely an Anuradha Moon (though the birth time is unconfirmed), who was a Canadian American film executive who was the president and driving force behind the Warner Bros.

· Alfred Hitchcock, with Pushya Sun. In her memoir Tippi Hedren revealed that the famous director had sexually molested her.

· Roscoe Arbuckle, with Sun and Moon in Uttara Bhadrapada and Saturn in the 1st house, if the birth time is correct. He was an American silent film actor, comedian, director, and screenwriter. “Following a liquor-fueled, orgiastic Hollywood party at San Francisco’s St. Francis Hotel, police charged Arbuckle with manslaughter in the suspicious death of starlet Virginia Rappe, apparently during sex.”

· Henry Wilson, with Pushya Sun, who “was an American Hollywood talent agent who played a large role in developing the beefcake craze of the 1950s”. He was also portrayed by Uttara Bhadrapada Sun and possible Anuradha Moon actor Jim Parson in the Netflix show ‘Hollywood’ — intuitive casting, as one Claire Nakti would put it.

A few names not mentioned in the article but deserve a mention are:

· Al Capp, with possibly Uttara Bhadrapada Moon. In her autobiography, American actress Goldie Hawn stated that Capp sexually propositioned her on a casting couch and exposed himself to her when she was 19 years old. When she refused his advances, Capp became angry and told her that she was “never gonna make anything in your life”. According to other sources, he attempted to impose himself sexually upon Grace Kelly as well. Other accounts of his crimes are those of investigative journalist Jack Anderson wrote that Capp had exposed his genitals to four female students at the University of Alabama.

· Lee Schubert, with Uttara Bhadrapada Sun, who was a Lithuanian-born American theatre owner/operator and producer and the eldest of seven siblings of the theatrical Shubert family. He kept “an elegantly furnished boudoir, reserved for leading ladies and promising ingenues, and a shabby, spartanly furnished room with a single couch where he met chorus girls and soubrettes.” “If you didn’t sleep with them you didn’t get the part,” the dancer Agnes de Mille would later recall about the Shubert brothers. “The Shuberts ran a brothel: Let them sue me.”

· Sam Spiegel, with possibly Anuradha Moon, who was an American independent film producer born in the Polish part of Austria-Hungary. He allegedly tried to force himself on Theresa Russell.

The aforementioned are the ‘Old Hollywood’ examples, but a few of the more current predators are:

· Harvey Weinstein, with Uttara Bhadrapada Sun

· Bill Cosby, with Saturn in the 1st house.

· Woody Allen, with Sun in Anuradha and Saturn conjunct Moon, all in Aquarius, giving more strength to Saturn — also increases the strength of its aspect to the 1st house, as Saturn and moon are in his 7th.

· Quentin Tarantino, with Uttara Bhadrapada Sun.

· Kevin Spacey, Pushya Sun

· Victor Salva, Uttara Bhadrapada Sun and possibly Pushya Moon

· Roland Emmerich, Sun conjunct Saturn in Libra, giving more strength to Saturn and weakening the sun.

· Brian Peck, Pushya Sun and possibly Anuradha Moon

· Cameron Thor, Uttara Bhadrapada Sun and possibly Anuradha Moon, an American actor, screenwriter, film director, acting coach, and convicted sex offender. He was sentenced to six years in prison for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl.

This list is not exhaustive and extends to other industries like fashion photography (Kong, n.d.). These celebrities are those accused of serious allegations. Though soliciting sexual favors on social media is not appropriate, the men listed in this essay have been accused of far worse — cornering their victims and making them feel like they have no exist, drugging their victims and even pedophilia. It is important to remember that most of these names are those of famous public figures and that we should expect some variation when studying the actual population.

The themes of the casting couch are a further perversion of Saturn’s promise, which is essentially, “if you submit to him, letting go of yourself, I will grant you power.” We can see this in the Shakti of Anuradha nakshatra — the basis above is “ascension” (growing in power) but the basis below is “descension” (the shrinking, or more appropriately in this case, the belittling of oneself) and the result is “honor and abundance”. We even see this in Pushya’s basis above and below, respectively “sacrificial worship” (what one must give up for power) and “the worshiper” he who introduces himself to the flame for reduction and purification.

Other examples of Saturn’s belittling nature is Otto Preminger, who is possibly an Anuradha moon. His abuse of the fashion icon Jean Seberg was said to not have been “explicitly sexual” but he bullied her relentlessly.

To paraphrase a quote from the article, “It was their town, and they were king, so therefore they deserved all the perks of the kingdom.” If we study the ‘style’ of sexual abuse of Saturn, it can be understood as an abuse of power — an imposition. It is interesting to reflect upon these powerful individuals, because they are well within their ability to attract women, through their fame and fortune alone. Even where this is lacking, they are in their ability to pay for sex. Some of these individuals, like Harvey Weinstein, were married to women many would consider to be beautiful. So why this? Why the desire for sex, and especially of this most humiliating variety when there are more than enough options that offer both parties the power to consent? Why this attraction to those ostensibly weaker than oneself?

Saturn and Uttara Bhadrapada are both stirred by the act of destroying identity, their own and even those of others. Observing the lights of the eyes turn off and the strength to fight leave the body and watching as the individual is reduced to a nameless, faceless, object is pleasure for the planet of slavery.

Saturn, the allocator, imposes roles upon others and squeezes people where it sees fit, or in this case, whichever position the abuser desires. I discussed in my previous piece on Shatabisha that different planets are controlling in different ways. The sun, for instance, can control in so far as he is so naturally authoritative, so solar, so kingly, others respect and huddle behind him. But Saturn controls through subjugation and force, limiting and restricting an individual into low positions. Saturn can be “democratic” or “authoritarian”, but regardless of its leadership style, it demands submission — a sort of subjection of others under one single ruling power or idea, a situation where all must “delete” themselves in favor of a particular goal, holding back their own needs and desires and thoughts and wishes for this “greater” purpose. He is nervous in the face of powerful people and pocks and prods them for weaknesses.

Another angle to this is understanding Saturn as the darker force of nature that “eats its own children”. If you consider the listed examples, many of them did not only abuse those who were less powerful than them career-wise, but they also had their way with children.

Any house Saturn is in, it makes it smaller, so that we focus on the matters of that house or placement microcosmically, as a way of breaking it down and understanding it in parts. Saturn is development but slow and cautious and so is fascinated with things on a small scale to study how “sprouts bud”- relating to his role as the god of seeds. Of course, the sickest, vilest expression of this is a focus on children in a sexual way, to explore and understand sexuality and development. Some of these abusers, like Woody Allen, approached their victims more “gently” and “amicably”, and others more overtly aggressively and destructively.

Saturn’s birth nakshatra as per the Vayu Puranas occurred in Revati Nakshatra (Puranas). Revati is symbolized, among other things, by a Cow nourishing its calves, emphasizing Saturn’s fascination with that which is little, weak and in the early stages of development.

Saturn is fixated on weakness, whether “weak” people or crushing people that may seem strong and sturdy to observe their weaknesses, because it wants to know things from the ground up. As the god of seeds and the harvest, at its best wants the development of all things to their fullest potential, as can be observed through its exaltation in Swati Nakshatra, a nurturing placement that can cultivate most anything. At its worst, it is the mouth of mother nature herself, with concrete ground that won’t break for any shoot unless through force, as can be seen through its debilitation in Bharani Nakshatra. Swati develops with gentleness and calm, Bharani develops with more difficulty, being cruel to young and fragile creatures too early on. Saturn in Bharani deals with those in positions of weakness more severely, taking pleasure in treating them hideously to see if they’ll crack or remain sturdy — if they prove “worthy” it continues to develop them but still with force.

Women, children, naïve aspiring starlets are some of examples of vulnerable individuals. such natives may be drawn to those individuals who are powerless and without autonomy, for they provide them with a secure source of release. The poor, the weak, the forgotten, these people are more easily and more quickly “crushed” and disgraced and so provide greater satisfaction for the more pathological Uttara Bhadrapada native.

Astrological Statistical Research

Taking a deeper look at these charts, studying the planets through houses, signs and nakshatras, conjunctions as well as considering Jaimini Karakas, reveals more detail into their sexual behavior. The following graphs include more personalities than I have listed, but they are still all famous public figures. It is important to remember that the present study does not reflect the grosser population of sex offenders and pedophiles. The research does give us clues into what makes a sex offender but it also shows us how these prominent figures are capable of getting away with what the common man cannot. At a later date, upon request, I may attempt to expand the research to include sexual abusers that are not celebrities.

Most Common Nakshatra

As we can see from the above chart, the most common placement overall was Uttara Bhadrapada — this result shall not be discussed too much further, since this entire piece is dedicated to the more sexually corrupt aspect of this nakshatra. The other two relatively prominent nakshatras are Ashlesha and Swati. Understanding Ashlesha’s relation to the current subject is easy, for it itself relates to underground perverse realities. But Swati’s involvement is interesting. Swati nakshatra is capable of creating for itself a bubble, in which one’s fullest fantasies can be fulfilled. In order to get away with this sort of behavior, the individuals must feel themselves in safe spaces to give themselves these freedoms, and as powerful men, they have easily built for themselves these false realities.

But, Uttara Bhadrapada has that in common with Swati, because it relates to the state of a human when he no longer has any interests in the common world with its common morals and pleasures. These individuals experience a distance from their own humanity that allows them to commit such atrocities.

Most Common Chandra Lagna house

The most common house placement for all planets was the 12th house. Again, to allow for this sort of behavior, these individuals must exist in a reality outside of common, everyday society, where they will not face the usual punishment for this behavior. Also, the 12th house is that of liberation, the freedom to abandon oneself to one’s desires. Psychologically, it is a house that can give way to perversion as well.

Most Common Dara-karaka

* Numbers 1 to 7 represent the 7 Jaimini Karakas.

The most common position for mercury was as Dara-Karaka (and the most common dara-karaka was mercury), the significator of the 7th house. This is interesting, in light of the fact that these men often abused children and that mercury signifies youth. Also, mercury, being the curious planet and interested in exploring avenues that are indecent and inappropriate, can lend itself to sexual perversion as well.

Nakshatra of Putra-Karaka

* Numbers 1 to 27 represent the 27 nakshatras.

This was an interesting piece of information that was not expected, but Putra-Karaka, which is the significator of the 5th house in Jaimini, was very prominent and was most often placed in Pushya, Uttara Bhadrapada and Swati. Putra-Karaka relates to play and sexuality, and so being in Uttara Bhadrapada it suggests one whose preferred expression of play occurs out of the boundaries of society and is very intimate in nature, as well as lending itself to subjugation.

Most Common Nakshatra for Dara-Karaka

The Dara-Karaka, the significator for the spouse, was most often placed in Magha, Mula and Uttara Bhadrapada nakshatra. Magha and Mula are placements that also reject society at its current state and can give way to some degree of wildness, free from the inhibitions of social rules and ethics, suggesting the individuals explored 7th house activities rather shamelessly. Ketu and its nakshatra have a very wild and chaotic side that operate almost like existing in the 12th house — totally unbridled and unconscious of consequence, giving themselves over to any passing passion.

The yonis provide further context, as the dog and rat yoni are savage and feral in sexual matters.

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