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Astrology with me is like…

There are things that people think about Astrology, that Astrology is not. Astrology is not a list of descriptions of a static personality traits. Astrology is the way we can be influenced by time. In a way, its like playing with cheat codes, as one of my friends put it.

Astrology is like playing with cheat codes.

Our ancient ancestors developed language and a lot of different languages were developed from languages that humans originally developed. I’m sure no one would argue that fact. As cultures began to arise in many places across the planet, we can pretty much guarantee they had sort of language to communicate. When we acquired language, we separated the mind from the body. We could share information.

The only way we can communicate with those ancestors is to see the world from their perspective. They left us breadcrumbs to learning what their world was like. We’ve scoured Earth and found a few ancient clay tablets and some papyrus scripts that describe a journal of human life as it manifested in various ways in history. What influenced their behaviors? This is important because it informs us about our own lives. We can piece together what life may have been like based on these accounts, and we cherish the stories.

Not all of the tellings of the past are the same, which adds even more richness to the full human story. Its as though we get a medical history report, only its from the Psychologist Ghost of Christmas Past. We have to learn how to connect the symbols and meanings to the words they used in order for their information to be useful. As their descendants, we benefit from knowing what has already been tried before and how. Not to dismiss the power of experiential learning, but we owe some props to the elders for trying to help, even if they were really just documenting their experience.

Astrology is like driving a stick.

I enjoy driving a car that has a manual transmission because I feel more involved with driving. I am part of the car. It seems like I have a little more control so I feel a little more bad ass. Revving my engine to pass someone is sensational. Its the same feeling I get when I consider the planetary transits. I can use them to my advantage and I can be aware of when there are uncomfortable aspects coming up. I can live more harmoniously because I am changing the gears in my soul’s vehicle, down shifting when necessary.

We are part of this Earth. Just like all the other organisms with which we share DNA. We return to the ground and eventually we breakdown into minerals and fertilize new beginnings of recombination of all these same parts. We are meticulously dismantled by microscopic bacteria and insects and they are all made of the same stuff as us and the same stuff as other planets. As we are part of the Earth, we are part of the other planets. The same stuff as the stars. Its truly a miracle that these hands made of dust assemble to hold a pen all powered by a nervous system and a brain; all made of that same dust.

Astrology can be mundane or deeply personal.

Our relationship with life is completely dependent on our level of involvement with it. I journal so that one day when I look back I can know what was going on in my life, I have an additional element that I can explore which is *”what transits were occurring during that time?”* With this information I can get a sense for what the general environment was like. You can apply this technique to headline news updates, they are just less personalized. The Geopolitical Climate is somewhat of a measurement of how we were feeling during any given era. We can teleport back and feel into that experience. However, our Facebook updates are a personalized headline news update. That is the difference in Mundane versus Personal Natal Chart Readings. Mundane Astrology is cheat codes as they are written, Personal Natal Chart Readings are individual instances of using those cheat codes.

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa



As I continue my endeavor of learning the language of astrology, I give you: my notes

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