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I guess the point of preserving a perspective is so that there is ultimately some way to tell the story of where we came from.

Characters and archetypes are like shorthand for incorporating a separate, very detailed story, just like symbols carry a deeper meaning within them. You could think of it as: each character is a collection of symbols and morals from other stories. Different people will see things from a different perspective which can be perceived by others through the lens of whichever perspective. If we extrapolate and diverge too far from the original archetype we begin to disagree on the underlying moral of the story. When I look at the current state of affairs, it seems to me the best we can do is piece together the ancient texts and Rosetta Stone our way out of this.

In my opinion, there is a real danger in landing too sharply and flattening out onto one perspective. Declaring something the only one valid seems like a means to a guaranteed end. For me, the human experience is, just that, an experience. We seem to have the ability to be Life in a myriad of different ways, with a conscious mind to make decisions. The depth and breadth of knowledge with which we execute our plans seems to be related to our what kind of life we will live. Since I am interested knowing a little about a lot of different things, I am forced to sift through and organize what other people that know a great deal about. Rather than trying to lead or command, I just want to provide examples of possible quests. The way to immortality is following a predetermined path but the only way those souls continue to live on is through witnesses. I am more concerned with having abundance to choose from rather than scarcity.

Astrology, for me, is like a toolkit for equipping humanity with the ties between us all. You hear many different stories depending on which culture you ask about our connection with nature, but they are all talking about the same nature. Those alignments of stars and planets from the geocentric perspective align with patterns in nature. There’s no mistaking that. Everyone can observe those same stars in the same patterns, they just connect the dots differently. They were also inhabiting different parts of the Earth, completely separate from one another in some cases. The inherent issue is that Astrology is just another toolkit for understanding and translating something as unfathomable as existence.

Organized religions insist on a constant relationship with God as a duty to uphold. We seem to be moving away from that responsibility of taking it upon ourselves to build a relationship with God, and more into observing our Self (aka God) through others. Our social media contains within it what we aspire to be. It allows us to blind ourselves of the bad. The good part about religion, in contrast, is that some of the stories are terrible. We know some people had to go through seriously difficult tests, trials, and tribulations. By learning the stories of those people, we can better understand how to deal with turmoil in our own lives. Just like a thought experiment, we have the ability to harness the feelings we have for that person, and if we are really good how we would feel in that situation, without having to have the same experience for ourselves.

These thought experiments help us to exercise our brain, in order to make certain decisions more automatic. In other words, if I’ve contemplated over a matter, I can more quickly arrive at an answer to questions regarding it in real-time. Having morals and ethics already established helps us to build our intuition muscles. Just like belly-dance classes lead to an expertise in abdominal movement, so too can constant contemplation about philosophy (for the brain of course). For certain occasions, it is a skill to be able to execute an action without hesitation, and for whatever reason, Life seems to be leading me in that direction. Like a predator, I wait until conditions are favorable to conquer my goals and demons so that I am working with Life, and not against the current.

So my dream is for the ancient archetypes to meet as a small council organized to discuss the wisdom of our history so that we can consider our current options based on that information. These archetypes will have to be constructed by individuals that know them to the greatest degree. The good side and the bad side. This may take several historians for each individual archetype and inevitably some of those groups will merge into once archetype that was embodied by two or more different humans in history. Until they all can find the original storyline that contains the original mission as it was first interpreted. Astrology’s message is: “Go with the flow, sweetheart, and remember: you chose these stars.” Now to just remember why…

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa



As I continue my endeavor of learning the language of astrology, I give you: my notes

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