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Cancer New Moon

The Moon has just entered into the sign of Cancer to cross paths (from our geocentric perspective) with the Sun.

Photo by Say Cheeze Studios on Unsplash

This particular New Moon in Cancer at 7 °22' is conjunct the Black Moon Lilith. Lilith, in Mesopotamian and Judaic Mythology, was the first partner of Adam. The Zohar Leviticus 19a originally might have read something more like: she was the first woman that “cohabited” with men. Whatever the case may be, Lilith was not obedient to Adam. In fact, she ran away from The Garden of Eden. God sent angels to bring Lilith back, but she refused. God threatened to kill 100 of her children everyday until she came home.

Through oral tradition, mythology was passed down through generations. Lilith has been run through the game of telephone so long that she became a succubus, and then a demon, or a temptress, and she even has an archetypal model in Astrology. There she seems to be a symbol of misfortune like still-births and SIDS. So, it is pretty remarkable that the narrative and collective conversation is around abortion and gun reform as it applies to school shootings. We are off to new beginnings as a collective and in our individual lives. The shadow side of our feminine energy is being spotlighted as The Sun will move to the same degree the following day.

This is a heavy New Moon because it is aspecting Jupiter in Aries in a square, meaning there is a bit of difficulty occurring with relating two areas of our life. There’s a feeling of needing to take action and perhaps even being slightly frantic about it. We might become fixated on an outcome that we try to power on towards, despite the protesting of our bodies. The advice this week from several astrologers has been: Don’t push it. Be still in the storm; be the lighthouse. Demand space with your steadiness.



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