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5 min readMay 15, 2024


I stopped writing on Medium because I went over to Substack for general blogging but I have returned to make this my Astrology Space.

Personally, I find it funny that the last post title from this blog is a question that most people want answered in an Astrology reading. So for me to be. posing that question should tell you that even Astrologers run into the familiar sense of being lost. Also, that particular post came just before the final Scorpio eclipse and just after the first lunar eclipse of the Libra/Aries round.

We now are well into the new eclipse season in this axis of Libra and Aries. In April, a lot of us were able to witness the total solar eclipse in the sign of Aries. Now we are well beyond Aries season and finishing up with the final degrees of Taurus season. I would now like to provide you with the Astrology update of the week that is usually reserved for an exclusive group of avid writers. This report will be released in the form of my Medium posts and Youtube videos. These videos will drop at the time that Collective Journaling usually starts and will be accompanied by prompts that Peter Limberg gathers each day, with the exception of Wednesdays when I am given the keys to his creation, the Portico we all enjoy writing upon: Collective Journaling. I hope you enjoy!

On May 18th, we have two separate conjunctions happening in the same sign, and another exact conjunction on the same day in a different sign. Venus moves into a conjunction with Uranus at 23 degrees of Taurus, the sun moves into a conjunction with Jupiter at 28 degrees of Taurus, and Mars moves into a conjunction with the North Node of the Moon at 13 degrees of Aries.

Beginning with the Taurus planets, there is a backdrop of comfort that we are breaking out of because Jupiter brings expansion and Uranus brings big breakthroughs.

The sun represents the ideal or perfect form, and for Taurus that is indeed comfort. Taurus is the Earth Yin domicile of Venus and is very sensual in nature. By that I mean that we use our five senses to experience Taurus. Taurus is about the abundance we can receive from the Earth in terms of security, in possessions, and in our resources. You’ll notice these are very physical things because they are Earth. It is all very grounded, but keep in mind that Taurus is represented by the bull. Despite its steady nature, when provoked, the bull will charge. So we are experiencing that discomfort of something new which Taurus isn’t necessarily known for enjoying too much. Taurus can even get the bad reputation for being slow-moving or lazy because it does not like to change its ways.

We like Taurus because it is reliable. With Venus at home here, she is able to utilize all the tools necessary for making these changes even if she is doing so reluctantly. An easy example is quitting a habit that you know isn’t good for you even though it makes you feel good. You know you will expand towards the ideal that will lead to major breakthroughs but you also know that your nightcap at the end of the day brings you so much comfort. You’d rather watch your favorite movie than do yoga poses or set intentions. You’d rather do some online shopping than spend time in meditation.

Whats pushing us towards the changes we are making is not just all of this Uranian and Jupiterian energy in Taurus, its also Mars conjunct the North Node in the sign of Aries. Aries is of course the pioneer. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and the fiery yang domicile of Mars the god of war. In this sign, planets tend to take action. Being conjunct the North Node is yet another indication that we are breaking away from comfortable habits (of the South Node).

The good news is that Mars gives us the passion and desire to do just that. Mars is at home in the sign of Aries meaning again that he has all the tools he needs to knock this mission out of the park. Mars cuts things away. Mars is the externalized movement of our divine masculine principle and doesn’t like to be told what to do. Therefore, this isn’t a change that is coming from someone else’s suggestion. We want to do it. So do it. With Chiron co-present in this sign, it may feel like exposing a wound or the shadow self but Mars can face that too.

Today’s journal prompt has us looking to the future so that we can contrast it with the now. Think beyond achieving your next big goal and how you feel in that moment. A future projection but it’s important to feel it just as Taurus would like to feel it. We all know how it feels to begin something new especially a lifestyle change and how awkward that start can be. We also know the amazing feeling of looking back at all we’ve overcome to achieve a goal. Hear it, see it, smell it, feel it, and taste it with all of your body. What does it feel like to be finished with the difficult part? That is the goal, not the project, not the assignment, not the degree. It’s the feeling, the personality, the state of being. Feel it and you will have it soon enough.

Song of the day: “Truth” Alex Ebert https://open.spotify.com/track/4bfJiyUSD9ASLnujxn0lG3?si=PEtWdgToQtSXrje8PPnN4A&context=spotify%3Aplaylist%3A37i9dQZF1EP6YuccBxUcC1&nd=1&dlsi=d22c64543e50432b

Quote of the day: “As the sign of a deeper truth, metaphor was close to sacrament. Because the vastness and richness of reality cannot be expressed by the overt sense of a statement alone.”

Jeffrey Burton Russell

Journal prompt of the day: Consider life beyond your next big goal and imagine your overall sense of being in that moment including personality, emotions, the sights, the smells, etc by projecting yourself into the future and seeing it in your mind’s eye vividly. Perhaps you might create a symbol or metaphor so this feeling is easy to access.

Recommended Reading: Breaking the Habit of Being Yourself — Dr. Joe Dispenza

Optional check-in: Check-in with a song, quote, or your own journal prompt of the day, which might inspire others to use it.

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