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The more I study, the more I understand that Astrology is not significant because of tabloid horoscopes, despite the general public’s focus regarding the subject.

Astrology is significant because it has stood the test of time without using the process of indoctrination or conversion. The myths are based on constellations that can be drawn and therefore are not subjected to the limitations of a language barrier. Of course, the stories about the stars have to be translated, and that is how we get the evolution of a fairy tale (on that note: highly recommend this book). These myths are passed down and, just like in the story of the evolution of species, the fittest are permitted access into the future. The vocabulary to describe this realm is not robust because we’ve long forgotten the myths. The stories were sprinkled with signs, symbols, motifs, themes, and foreshadowing to deliver a message as a meme. Myths were the original memes.

This has led to a plethora of interpretations and has, in some cases diluted the original message just like a game of telephone. However, these misinterpretations and errors in translation allow for experimentation. This is a characteristic of Astrology that makes it superior to science in academia. The scientific community is not so free to explore new concepts. They are encouraged to repeat old science and stay within the narrative by basing their research on papers that are accepted into the literature. While the spirit of science is to question things and prove others wrong, that sort of attitude isn’t going to get you published.

Astrology is based on time and cycles. Just as seasons are relatively predictable in terms of weather, so are transits in terms of energy. Our solar system operates like clock work. In fact, many calendars were originally based on where the planets and stars were in the sky. That affected when seeds could be sown or when plants could be grown which also correlated with when animals went into breeding season or hibernation. Our behaviors are undoubtedly correlated with time, there’s just no question about it. And yet, some people still question this fact because the myths don’t seem to check out for them. I’d argue these folks probably just don’t know the old myths, but I also believe the stories themselves are due for an update. In order for the stories to live into the future, they have to stay relevant. This task of creatively delivering the old myth in a new light is the job of an Astrologer; applying the archetypes to modern times in a way that is as pure and potent as possible.

I’m among the Astrologers that would like to preserve the ancient myths. I enjoy puzzling together the pieces of our shared human culture. With these stories, we focus on the ways in which our predecessors were able to pass their genes into the future. Although we are left to decipher the hidden meanings, these memes provide access to the mind of our ancestors. I am also interested in documenting the many different variations of stories that evolved from our desire to survive as a species. Every time we peer into the past, we become connected with the instincts of evolution; the instincts that got us to this point. Just like when we move into our body and inhabit it through embodiment meditation, sensing back into the messages of the stars from our perspective here on Earth allows us to move into the archaic mindset that has outlasted every fallen empire.

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa



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