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Reflecting on the Retrograde

Today Mercury stations to go direct, officially ending its retrogradation period, but we are still in the shadow.

Meaning: Mercury is traversing the path it had already been down before turning into retrograde motion. Archetypally speaking, you could say Mercury is now picking up the breadcrumbs it laid out before turning around; following the road once again after reviewing and reconsidering. “Reviewing and reconsidering what?” you might be wondering. Well, if we look back to April 26th-May 10th, we might get some sort of indication for what it might be. April 26th was the date that Mercury entered the pre-shadow period of its retrogradation and May 10th was the date it stationed to turn around and go in the opposite direction on the zodiacal wheel. This motion is due to the path the planet takes from our geocentric perspective (in other words, our perspective from here on Earth).

For me, May 10th is a very interesting day. It is the birthday of 3 out of the 5 Astrologers I work with. Also, on that day, the planet Jupiter entered the sign of Aries. Jupiter the planet of expansion in the fire sign that is associated with taking action and initiative towards a goal. During that stretch from April 26-May 10, I bought a ticket to an Astrology Conference. When I purchased the ticket I realized I had already made plans with one of my very best friends for that weekend. She was coming down to the beach near where I live and I’d already told her I would love to meet with her while she was down. So that was one of those moments I didn’t review before making a decision. Fortunately, my friend was gracious and even happy for me. Also during that shadow period, I helped facilitate one of the first full day events for the Scorpio full moon at a retreat center that is just beginning to open down the road from where I live. Its incredibly close to my house which is amazing for someone that is trying to make a living off an art as obscure as Astrology.

On April 27th I stepped down from my position as Secretary for the Native American Church in my local area. Ultimately, I gave the reason that I was stretching myself too thin, but I also didn’t feel comfortable with their moves towards becoming a non-profit organization. While I do know the community is helpful and inviting, I’m not good with going to jail for misappropriation of funds. The Chief is galavanting around the world and hosting ceremonies while the tribe is expected to clear out the land he bought. Actions like that do no instill trust in someone like me that was conditioned to not trust anyone (including and due to my previous significant other). Mercury in Taurus is in my 12th House of things unseen, secrets, hidden enemies, bad spirit, and addictions. I found myself really watching out for scams and sketchy people because, frankly, I don’t want to go to jail again for someone else’s oversights. Also on April 27th, the starter in my car stopped working (again), but that was fortunately a very easy fix and definitely a way in which Mercury likes to play games (transportation/short distance travel).

I filled out an application for Ralston College which I am so excited about! They are offering 20 Fellowships for their MA in Humanities program. Everyday I repeat the mantra “I am a student at Ralston College. I am studying in Greece. I am debt free. I am well paid”. I think of the Aegean Sea and returning to the place in the world that stole my heart as a thirteen year old. I long for the ancient ruins and to learn about the cultures of the fertile crescent. So here’s hoping I’ll receive word back from the for an interview for admission into the program that feels like it was made specifically for me. Now that Mercury is exiting this phase of review, things should start falling into place for all of us that were able to remain patient during this time.

Originally written in Collective Journaling at Katy’s Google Meetup



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