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Venus cazimi-Sun in Capricorn

Today was a pretty remarkable day in the astrology. Venus and the sun met at the same exact place in the sky at 18 degrees of Capricorn (from our geocentric perspective).

Meanwhile, in another segment of the sky within another constellation (Aries) the Moon and Chiron also looked to be very close together from the perspective of our sub-lunary sphere.

Chiron has been in Aries since February 18, 2019 and will remain there until April 2027.

Venus has been in her retrograde cycle (December 19-Jan 29) and as I write this, she has just received a jolt of energy from passing before the sun in what is called a Cazimi event. This is a phase in which Venus is no longer visible to us, halfway through her journey through the underworld from where she will arise as the morning star.

I personally knew little about the Venus Retrograde cycle, so this has been a learning process. One of the things I love most about astrology is you can contemplate over a chart for days and continue to find interesting aspects. That’s how I discovered that Chiron and the Moon were also having a meeting in the sky.

So what does all that mean? Well, I honestly am too much a newb to generate my own answers to that question. I can, however, construct the formula and compile the resources that you could use to apply this transit to your own life. I think it’d be most helpful for me to very briefly list out some key words to describe the archetypes combined as written by Renn Butler in The Archetypal Universe . Another book I’ll be referencing is Hellenistic Astrology by Chris Brennan.


from Arabic /kasmimi/ “as if in the heart”

Venus-Sun (Venus Cazimi)

warm, sunny, friendly, popular, pleasant, beautiful, harmony, affectionate, social, friendly male, brotherly love, kind father

— Shadow

vanity, superficial, shallow, lazy, passive, indulgent habits

Lsose conjunction to Pluto:
primal charisma
passionate love of creative process
personal transformation leading to renewal of relationships
healing power of love

— passive aggressive
— charm to manipulate
— obsessively sweet persona


Plantery: Staurn
Element: Earth
Symbol: goat/seagoat
Gender: feminine
Modality: cardinal sign
Body part: knees
Gems: onyx, amber
Metal: lead
Keywords: practicality, slow, steady, endurance, stability, responsibility, ambition, wisdom, tenacity

This transit happened in my 8th House today.

8th House

Sign Ruler: Scorpio
Planetary Ruler: Pluto
Keywords: death, inheritance, punishment, fortune, idle, debt, justice, rebirth, addiction
Traditionally ruled by Saturn

Journal entry:

This manifested in a few ways for me today. For one, I started the day slowly allowing myself to do things for other people that I love, like the women in my family (Venus). I rode with my mom to go pick up her car and then my grandma wanted to teach me how to make stuffed crab after I made some banana nut bread. It was fine to do things for my mom and Grandma (Venus) but, as usual, I found little patience for my grandpa’s ego (Sun) and incessant need to disrupt everyone else’s day. I agreed to go get him a double pork chop dinner from Texas Roadhouse because he doesn’t like leftovers. Then, I got lost on the way so that made me feel rushed.(Mercury and Saturn bullshit were also pretty prominent features of my day). It was like all of the things I needed to do for him were a burden. When I arrived home I decided it was about time I did something for me. So I pruned my small garden (Venus) and gave my broccoli some compost (8th House), then covered it with soil (Earth signs and planets)

This is where the 8th House in Capricorn really fucked me up. Since I live in a camper, I have to empty my bathroom tank regularly. It’s not really fun but its obviously necessary so today that was the thing I wanted to do for myself. Well, as soon as the urine began to drain from my tank, the hose line disconnected and my piss went everywhere. Thank God I don’t shit in there. This, to me, was directly related with my bitch ass attitude about doing something for my grandpa. When I tell you I knew instantly I earned this one, I went directly to Lowe’s and bought the mulch and ground cover I needed to make a new garden space out of this catastrophe. (Scorpio as fuck because of the 8th house placement I mean God damn what a fucking mess.)

I also considered making an outhouse but my back hurts from all the work I already did. The back is associated with the sign Leo (the signs are associated with body parts too) which is ruled by the Sun. Another aspect that occurred to really put the icing on the cake is that this conjunction between Venus and the Sun happened 2 degrees away from my natal Neptune. Neptune like… Poseiden… like tidal waves and floods.

After the mayhem, I showered and by the evening I got back to helping grandma “pick” crabs and sat with my mom for a cup of tea. I also got some nice messages from new co-creators and overall, despite briefly entering crisis mode, I was able to come back to my center thought space all throughout the day. That sort of receptive self-awareness felt very Earthy for me.

Here’s my chart. Feel free to enlighten me on anything you see. Notable mentions: Sun in Aries at 19 degrees (exaltation) and Venus at 26 degrees in Taurus (in her own domicile and exact Algol)



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