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War Cry — Mars, Uranus, Rahu

Astrology is a timing technique and there are some pretty significant Astrological coincidences occurring in the coming weeks.

Photo by Susan Wilkinson on Unsplash

First and foremost, we are approaching the Leo New Moon which is screaming ‘creative new endeavor!’ in some area of life. The New Moon in Leo happens every year because every year the moon spends about thirty days in each sign. What a coincidence right? No, in fact, calendars (a human invention) are based on planetary placements. They have been created based on the Solar Cycle (Greogrian) and the Lunar Cycle (Julian) and perhaps many more cycles of which I am unaware. Suffice to say, we have a full moon each year around this time that is ideal for starting new artistic projects.

There is another event that is approaching which is much less frequent. The planet Uranus (which, of course the ancients did not seem to know about) will be meeting the North Node of the moon in Taurus at the same degree point. Not only that, Mars- the planet of war and passion- will be moving to that exact same 18 degrees of Taurus by the 1st of August, as well. This is a very rare event. It takes Uranus a really long time to complete its orbit around the Earth, as it changes signs about every 7 years unless it goes through a retrograde cycle and then it will remain even longer in a sign. The Nodes switch about every 2.5 years and Mars moves to a new sign about every 2 months. For this meeting in the sky to occur, there is a lot of synchronicity involved.

Uranus is associated with shocking revelations and with Mars in the mix, this surprise has hints of revolution bubbling up from the cauldron. The forecasted event has held the attention of Astrologers since at least the beginning of the year. This is huge! Mars, a planet of the element fire, has been in Taurus (the Earth Sign associated with Gaia herself) since the beginning of July and will remain until the 20th of August. Let’s just say, the temperature has yet to reach its peak, and we might expect to see this play out in different ways within our personal lives. Bridges being burned, physically burning yourself on the stove, things catching on fire. It doesn’t have to be bad but it will likely feel like something incredibly unpredictable will appear in your life out of nowhere.

We are being asked to creatively roll with it. Love it! Love the way you can innovate. That could mean committing to a new project by the new moon so that when the shocking revelation hits, we are so engulfed in our creative endeavor that it is less detrimental for us to be struck by such news. This isn’t about distracting ourselves, its about feeling deep into the moment. Whatever process we use is our unique expression; whatever it takes to be steady when the wind begins to howl over the barren fields. This is one of those moments when we are being tested. The results are based on how well we can improvise and the degree to which we can remain grateful.

Originally written in Collective Journaling at The Stoa



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