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Last year was very exciting, it has been full of its ups and downs for the crypto market, but for us, these were ups all the way. 2018 was a great year for us and we layed the foundation for an awesome 2019!

If you’d like to know more about our vision, we’ve got an article where we expand on that topic.

We established the Asure foundation

From the very beginning we wanted to be independent, but to collaborate with others and encourage the novices to be curious, creative and learn by doing. In order to reach that goal we have registered the Asure Foundation in Zug, Switzerland’s ‘crypto valley’. Asure Foundation is going to promote researches in such fields as informatics, social insurance, and insurance, promote education in particular in the field of digitalization and the application of modern software, such as Blockchain.

We are on the right track at solving organizational issues at hand. Now we can concentrate on the operative tasks.

Whitepaper and communication with the regulators

We worked hard in order to produce a whitepaper that reflects our goals and the vision we have for Asure.Network. We also tried to stay as close as possible to the regulators. We stayed in touch with both German(BAFIN) and Swiss(FINMA) regulators. The correspondence took some time, but we got our questions answered which was our goal.

We’ve created and published our first videos. The incremental website development, the videos we shot for various reasons, the overall work we did in the last year, all gave us lots of work to do but brought lots of fun in our mostly dev lives.
Check out our introductory video:

Our Prototypes

We have something to show (off). With the help of Lean Startup methods, we develop two prototypes incrementally for social insurance. It is easier to talk about and improve solutions than to describe them theoretically in a paper.

During 2018 we’ve thoroughly researched a model of the decentralized pension system and based on the research implemented two prototypes. One is accessible via http://dapp.asure.io and shows how the German pension system can be emulated on Blockchain. The second one can be found via http://ethberlin.asure.io. It shows the next milestone we reached in our research, we called it “the global pension system on blockchain”. In this version, we made the dApp independent of nationality, which means that it works for anybody anywhere in the world. We are glad to build a system that functions the same no matter where you are located.
You can read more about it in the dedicated article.

Blockchain Scaling solutions

As we believe in designing sustainable products (read the article by our CEO Paul Mizel about it) and because our system must be able to process mass transactions, we were concentrating on the scalability of AsureNetwork from the very beginning. There is still a lot to do in that area, that’s the reason why we’ve already started working with the Substrate framework created by Parity Technologies.

Road tour

We visited so many different places in 2018. If we put all of them on the list you’ll know what we mean:

Kiew (Ukraine), Amsterdam (Netherlands), Hamburg (Germany), Göteborg (Schweden), Kopenhagen (Denmark), Zug (Switzerland), Lüneburg (Germany), Berlin (Germany), Dortmund (Germany), New-York (USA), Cancun (Mexico), Prag (Czech Republik), Kampala (Uganda), Istanbul (Turkey),Frankfurt(Germany), Milano (Italy).

Thanks to so many opportunities we were able to gather a lot of feedback during the events from all kinds of people including developers, philosophers, crypto enthusiasts, investors and so on. It will help us focus on the most important features based on the requirements we collected from various sources. The technology should naturally follow the requirements. We can only further recommend the same approach to others as it is very helpful to get direct contact to customers in order to reflect on the concepts.

Talks with authorities

In order to develop the best ecosystem infrastructure for decentralized and future-oriented social security, it is important for us to talk to people as well as authorities in order to understand the different international and national requirements for the existing systems.

German statutory pension authority

Our core team comes from Germany and we know the insurance industry and also roughly the requirements of the German pension systems. But you only get the insides if you talk to the people from and work with German statutory pension authority to convince the German statutory pension system of new technologies.

Our work required lots of research around retirement systems and the ways they can be implemented with existing and appearing technologies in a decentralized manner. We were quite sure that the German pension system developers could also be interested in the ways of improving the system with the help of emerging technologies. Finally, their tech stack is at least a few decades old. So we went to Berlin to meet with Dr. Weissweber, Head of the IT Strategy and Architecture Division of the German statutory pension authority (Deutsche Rentenversicherung Bund).
More on that read in another article.

National Social Security Fund of Uganda

Our team went to Uganda to meet with the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) Deputy Managing Director Patrick Ayota and also to speak with the people in Africa to understand and uncover their country needs and problems in the system.
More on that read in another article.

First Investors are onboarding

We have already reserved part of it for retail investors in our pre-sale, where we have made our first commitments with a token disclosure policy. We are planning to offer our pre-sale to private investors and VCs where we want to sell 10% tokens for USD 5 million, so we have started the first talks with the VCs and investment companies.

Our approach was to write to all VCs, Capitals and Fund Managers we met on our travels first and to present our vision to them. The discussions with potential investors also resulted in a dubious offer, which gave the impression of money laundering. We have accordingly rejected the offer and will continue to reject such offers in the future.

If you are an investor and interested in creating the infrastructure of next generations social security systems together with us, do not hesitate to contact us.

That said, we wanna give a big THANK YOU to all who supported us over the course of the last year in numerous ways. We are excited to see what we will achieve together in 2019 and look forward to working together with you all.

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