What’s the words to say,

to say — we argue everyday.

Never questioning how we feel

just accepting that everything is real.

What else can I say,

I say — I love you anyway.

To live is to die,

to die — is to accept the reason why.

There’s nothing true without love

and that is something from up above.

What else can I say,

I say — he loved you anyway.

And it’s tragic all the fighting, getting in the way;

people spouting off at the mouth

with things that shouldn’t have been said.

Always crying, “I’m right”

but in reality just looking to start another fight.

That’s the world we live in —

a thousand denominations:

all supposedly fighting for the same thing

but in different ways.

There’s too much to lose at entry level —

and we’re too busy fighting amongst ourselves:

when the truth is bound right in our hands

in paper, and in stone —

Its etched into the floor!

no wonder churches are closing doors.

We’re right in evil’s clutches,

Evil’s clutches — devil throwing punches.

And he plays this game with us;

our biggest enemy is the church, its us.

Forget the rhyming and the scheme

this right here’s the ultimate theme.

Stop fighting against the people we’re supposed to love.

Start fighting to release them from their chains —

and remember where our strength comes from. Above.

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