I forgot how it started with you —

I couldn’t help but get caught up in the panic

of trying not to live in your shoes.

I wanted to watch the sunrise,

but all you could see were the stars crashing deep into you.

You got caught in the terror;

of what will happen after the last heart attack.

And when the bar closes

who really knows

you and who is actually there to love you?

Do you even remember

the time on the beach

when we were all so young and naive?

We held it together

because the weather

made life just a beach.

I still remember you laughing,

but now all I see is the crushing weight of life

tearing us all down to size.

So what’s the difference —

from just standing still and giving up?

At least one is a choice you make

a path you take.

The other is just being buried alive.

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