10 podcasts we’re listening to at TrekkSoft

Smartphones have made podcast consumption super simple, so it’s no surprise that podcast production has surged. Big brands and solo entrepreneurs are building huge audiences — and the quality just keeps getting better.

If there’s one group of people that seems to keep starting podcasts and listening to them, it’s startup marketers. So I reached out to our team at TrekkSoft on Slack.

Here are the ten podcasts that were mentioned most. Got a recommendation that we’re missing? We’d love to hear it. Happy listening!

1. The Growth Show

HubSpot has done a lot for our lead gen (here’s their case study on us) and our sales and customer support also use it. They also have a great podcast with top tier guests. As you’d expect from their inbound marketing philosophy, the focus is on the podcast, not their brand.

2. The Infinite Monkey Cage

Catch up on exoplanets, dark matter, and all that juicy stuff with Brian Cox and Robin Ince. It’s not just astronomy (there’s other science too), but that makes for some of the best episodes.

3. Being Boss

Get ahead as a female entrepreneur with this podcast by boss creatives Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon. It’s for “the rebels, the quiet ones, the schemers, and the dreamers”.

4. Fizzle

This one’s for “the creative entrepreneurs and honest business builders”. Learn how to earn a living doing something you care about and gain the skills you need to take it further. Recommended by Dean, the first Brit to join our marketing team.

5. Question of the Day

Recommended if you’re short on time and long on curiosity, this podcast is packed with the fast-paced conversations and observations of author-entrepreneur James Altucher and Freakonomics co-author Stephen Dubner.

6. The Guilty Feminist

This is a favourite of Nicole, our Malaysia-based content writer. It’s worth a listen if you want a laugh and feel you should be better at feminism.

7. Skift

We are in the travel industry, after all! Skift is our go-to source for industry news and trends we can pass on to our audience of tour and activity providers. And it helps that they have such a good podcast. A great starting point is Ep. 14: Reinventing Modern Travel Brands Through Content Marketing with David Beebe, the mastermind of Marriott’s content strategy.

8. Louder Than Words

Content marketing is one of our key focuses at TrekkSoft, so it goes without saying that we enjoy writer John Bonini’s “glimpse into the lives and creative process of the most remarkable people you know”. Guests include writers, founders, and other top creative thinkers.

9. Seeking Wisdom

This one by Drift is for people who “want to get better every single day”. As it’s packed full of book recommendations and advice for life and work, it’s guaranteed to take you higher.

10. The #AskGaryVee Show

Jon Fauver, our cofounder and CEO, has been a long-time fan of Gary V. Get the podcast and hear the man himself answer questions on marketing, social media, and entrepreneurship. It’s loud, it’s brash, and it’ll get you off your ass.

Find out more about the booking software we build for tourism companies over on trekksoft.com. To follow our team adventures, check out our Instagram.

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