Meet our 2019 cyber form.

At-Bay provides cyber insurance for the digital age.

We’re thrilled to unveil our new cyber policy, now available to clients throughout the US. We put a lot of work into this and believe it is an outstanding product.

We updated our form to reflect the technical, complex, and dynamic nature of cyber risk:

  • Threats change frequently. For example, while everyone focuses on the threat of ransomware, our researchers have already noticed a major shift in attack patterns away from ransomware and into cryptojacking.
  • Regulatory frameworks keep evolving. Recently, the regulatory environment shifted drastically with the introduction of GDPR. Check out how we think GDPR changed exposures and what we did to provide GDPR coverage.
  • Incidents and claims test policy language. For many new risks and regulations, we learn which language is effective only after claims play out.

Given all of this uncertainty, we wanted to create peace of mind for our broker partners and their clients. We wrote our 2019 policy with language that is flexible enough to cover a wide variety of claims and specific enough to cover emerging risk scenarios. Our new insurance policy explicitly covers GDPR, social engineering, contingent business interruption, and enhanced protection to the C-suite, among other areas.

Writing effective policy language depends on the quality of your partners. We were fortunate to partner with Christina Terplan of Clyde & Co, who provided legal counsel and contributed to the creation of the form. Christina made it clear that we needed to move beyond buzzwords when modernizing our form. She said, “it’s not enough to just add ‘GDPR’ to your form. You need to completely rewrite the definition of ‘Regulatory Claim’ to ensure coverage breadth.” So that’s what we did.

Our cyber risk experts use technology to underwrite and our security team provides clients with 24/7 security support throughout the lifetime of every policy. By continuing to monitor clients throughout the year, we can help them close down vulnerabilities as soon as they emerge. This support helps clients avoid claims and minimize loss when cyber incidents do occur.

This unique approach allows us to be more aggressive with the breadth of our cyber coverage. For example, because we analyze our clients’ email security, we can provide financial fraud coverage up to the aggregate limit of insurance (up to $10 million), well above most other cyber markets. (This includes computer crime and social engineering.)

We’re so proud of our new form that we’ve decided to share it with the world. You can review it in full on our website at

If you have questions, or would like to work with us, email our team at