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Avoid These 4 Studying Mistakes To See Better Results

Knowing the wrong study techniques will lead you to the right ones.

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Ironically, our educational institutes always test our learning capabilities without teaching us how to learn. Since our childhood, we all have been told to grab good grades but were never told how to do it! Honestly, studies can’t be done effectively unless you don’t have the proper idea of DON’TS of studying. If you are spending hours learning for your exams and still finding yourself unable to remember the information properly then signs are, that you are making mistakes in your learning process. Stick with me throughout this article to know some of the common mistakes students make while studying.

1. Passive Reading

One of the common mistakes that most students make is to think that just going through their notes and textbooks is the right way to study for their exams, but actually… it’s not! By merely going through all the study material you end up indulging yourself in passive reading. Studying passively doesn’t allow your brain to soak in the desired information. Au contraire, if you involve your multiple senses in reading the desired material, you direct your brain to retain the information in the long term memory. To engage yourself in active studying, you are required to remove all kinds of distractions, read out loud, take notes and test yourself at the end of the reading.

2. Leaving it All For The Last Day

Now picture yourself in a scenario where you have an exam tomorrow and after spending hours on nothing but studying you are completely tired, your mind is drained out and you are left with no more energy but the remaining syllabus is making you anxious, panic has swallowed you whole. Ahh, depressing! Isn’t it? I’m sure you don’t even want to imagine such a frantic scenario.

To avoid such an infuriating state the night before the exam, you are advised to carve out chunks of time out of your daily routine and devote them to studying rather than leaving your whole syllabus for the last day.

Just as you can’t run the whole marathon without building up to it every day, you can’t gulp the whole syllabus without training your mind every day.

3. Being Distracted

If you think that you can focus well on studying while scrolling Insta, FB, and other social media sites then this is the biggest studying mistake you might be making.

The urge to check your Facebook, Insta or Twitter attacks you suddenly and that’s pretty much overwhelming, I know :’). You only intend to check it for a few minutes but end up spending more than an hour on it.

For this, I recommend you to put your phone on silent mode and place it far away from your study spot before starting your study session. If you need to access certain online resources for your studies then download all of the stuff before starting to study so that you don’t change your track from studying to watching vlogs or other tempting videos on YouTube or reading irrelevant articles on google. Also ask people around you to give you privacy while you’re studying but Do give them time during breaks as maintaining goodwill in relationships is also equally important.

4. Setting Unrealistic Goals

Does this sound familiar to you?
You have exams coming up next week. Finally, you sit down to study and jot down the sub-goals to achieve by that day and come up with a checklist that contains those goals that you know you lack the potential to accomplish within just a day but you add them just because you wish to achieve them all within that day. Ultimately you find yourself checking off only 2–3 of the sub-goals, you become utterly disappointed and lose motivation to study any further.
I’m sure this has happened to you.

To avoid the lack of motivation that results from such disappointments, make sure to add realistically achievable goals to your checklist so that you will be ticking nearly all of your goals by the end of the day and find yourself more motivated for further studies.

Final Thoughts

Ending up this article with high hopes that this article would be helpful for you in some ways…



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