Get Fall Cozy with these 6 Ideas

Autumn is that time of year when cozy is just what we’re craving. When it comes to the home, this means rich textures combined with warm colors. Here are six ways that will make your cozy apartment feel truly cozy.

Warm Colors

Bring warm colors into every room. Hues like yellows, reds and browns are not only warm, but match the Fall season perfectly. Switch out a small accent piece like a chair, but if that proves to be too much, just adding pillows and throws with warm colors will do.


Different textures can give a room a specific feel. When you think cozy, soft fabrics come to mind. If you’re switching out your pillows and throws anyway, focus on textiles that soften up the room. We’re talking faux fur, fleece and velvet. As the season gets colder, you’ll want to cuddle up against these textures well into the winter.


You spend the most time in your bed and on your sofa so make them inviting. When choosing your textured fabrics, don’t just stop at one piece. Layer your furniture with multiple pieces that’ll make them look Pinterest-worthy and inviting. Mix a faux fur with a cotton sheet and add in a cable knit look.

Seasonal Details

Go beyond upholstery to create a cozy look. Swapping out small details like candles, centerpieces and vases can really affect the mood of a room. Beachy candles get replaced by pumpkin spice, summer flowers are switched out for twigs and foliage and jars and vases are filled with pinecones and acorns. The details count so don’t miss those.


Now that we’ve got your upholstered accessories and the little details covered, don’t stop there. Lighting is a major part of setting the mood in a room. During the day, the sun will create much of this lighting, but at night, it’s up to you. Now that we have fewer daylight hours, focusing on lighting is more important. Add soft lighting can give your place a romantic and cozy feel. Mix table and floor lamps with energy-efficient bulbs to provide a soft, white light that gives its surroundings a soft glow.

Personal Touch

Fill your home with things that mean something to you. Keeping up with trends that aren’t you is one of the best ways to make your home feel cold and distant. Choose objects you love. Whether it’s memorabilia from places you’ve traveled or the retro cabinet from grandma’s house, filling your home with items that mean something to you help make your place warm and cozy.

Most importantly, make sure your home reflects someplace you want to be. It doesn’t need to be perfect; it just needs to be you.

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