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“Heavy rain in July Heisei 30”

More than 200 dead and missing people

The Japan Meteorological Agency named the torrential rain that fell in various parts of western Japan over the 8th to 7th July, “Heavy rain in July Heisei 30". The former name changed from Showa to Heisei, it became the worst torrential rain disaster.

Human damage is more than 125 people dead, even more than 75 people missing, as we are progressing, it is increasing situation. Even today as of July 10, life rescue activities continue. “72 hours after the disaster” said to divide life and death is approaching, rescue is urgent.

On the other hand, the administration is carrying out restoration work such as roads. Similarly, lifeline companies such as electricity, water supply and gas are hurried to restoration work. In addition, the affected inhabitants are working to regain their lives such as putting the earth and sand flowing into the house out of the house with a shovel.

The rainy season ended just after the heavy rain. The summer of Japan began. Summer in Japan is hot and humid, and it is common that daytime temperatures exceed 30 ° C. Because of the wide area disasters, there are many victims, so from now on it can be said that it is a battle against the heat.

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