Tokyo 2020

Can you speak English?


The Olympic Games will be held in Tokyo in 2020.
The Olympic Games are scheduled from July 24th to August 9th, and the Paralympic Games are planned from August 25th to September 6th.
A part of the concept of the convention is written that “All Japanese including volunteers welcome people from all over the world” OMOTENASHI “meaning the best Japanese hospitality.
The organizing committee recruits and trains volunteer staff to support the event. Also, I hope that the private sector will lead to sightseeing all over Japan from Tokyo.

Some problems

There are some things I want you to know about when coming to the Tokyo Olympic Games.

(1) Transportation network
Tokyo has a compact population because city functions are compact. And the main means of transportation is railway and subway. Due to the complicated routes, you need to decide the destination in advance and check it on the route map or route guidance with the map application on the smartphone.
This applies not only to foreigners, but also to Japanese who go from rural areas to Tokyo. And, since Tokyo is a city that continues to change at an amazing speed, please keep the map updated.

(2)Temperature and humidity
The time of the Olympic Games is the hottest time. The maximum temperature will be about 35 degrees. Also, since it is in the urban area, it may actually feel the temperature near 40 degrees due to the heat island phenomenon. Also, because summer in Japan is not dry and humid, it is expected to feel even hotter.

I think you may get lost and ask questions to the Japanese. If you are a trained volunteer staff, I think you can lead you. However, even if I ask a general Japanese person in English, I can not quite answer. I will write the reason for this later.

About the English ability of Japanese

Japanese studying English for 3 years at junior high school and 3 years at high school. Since there are many people who go on to university in recent years, I will learn English for four more years.
There is a funny story. It is said that Japanese went to the United States and saw that a 4 year olds is speaking English and said it was “amazing!”
There are several reasons why Japanese people can not speak English. For one thing, learning at school is focused on how to write. I will learn English with English curriculum and grammar, curriculum built mainly in paper test. There is also listening, but the proportion in the lesson is low. Also, because there are few opportunities to speak English in Japan, the speaking ability does not grow. I think that there are also linguistic elements of Japanese and English.

I am writing this sentence and I am also using Google translation. Now, because it translates machine translation with high accuracy even in literal translation, it is useful. Even at the time of the Tokyo Olympic Games, a translation application may be useful.
I went on a trip to Switzerland and France 20 years ago. Recently I went to Taiwan. If English is used by people other than English-speaking countries, I can somehow catch it. I think that is probably because I speak English slowly. When I stayed at a guest house in Miyajima in Japan, I was able to speak to a French young man through Google Translate in English.

Most people walking around the town carry a smartphone. If you have something you do not understand, if you show the “Google Translate” screen, there are many things you can solve.