Acknowledging & Understanding The Human Component In Blogging.

Teenu Terrence of ‘Let’s Stalk Food’ shares her success tip.

“Love towards food and liking towards writing paved the way for Teenu Terrence to start Let’s Stalk Food. Being an Entrepreneur, Marketing Head and Blogger, Teenu always had a passion towards food. Back in the time when people used to love food and share the reviews among themselves, she thought of taking her remarks to the general population. Giving importance to the reader’s point of view, and adding the human element to the content, Teenu’s Let’s Stalk Food has stood out from the rest of the food blogs.​

Content Matters

Teenu began food blogging when there weren’t many bloggers here in Kerala. Despite the fact that food blogging was a craze outside Kerala, only food was the concern for people here. Like the greater part of us, Teenu too was confounded about how the blog ought to be. She needed her written work to stand apart from the conventional review system that rated the food as good or bad, must visit restaurant or don’t ever. Using the concept of appreciating and understanding the human element in blogging made the significant impact.

“In parallel to the idea of communicating what I liked about the food or restaurants, I also thought about what the readers would want from my blog. And it ended up in making the blog Let’s Stalk Food to be more like a food supporting platform” says Teenu. One year into blogging, today Lets Stalk Food covers food review, food photography, restaurant reviews, product reviews and interviews with Food Personalities. Saying no to the paid promotion and keeping the criticisms to a limit, Lets Stalk Food makes sure they appreciate the good food and efforts. Whatever be the venture if it is related to food, and has a unique factor, let’s stalk food will be there to support them. It is indeed the good and unique content that has helped the blog to be what it is today.

Managing Time

“If you want to achieve something, it calls for a bit of sacrifice, and one should be ready for it,” says Teenu. For an entrepreneur, Marketing head of a performing arts center, single mom to be actively present in the food network always called for hard work, sacrifice and managing time. Maybe it is this sole factor that maneuvers individuals from venturing into blogging. Staying aware of the bustling timetable and difficulties in life, Teenu ensures that her life offers something positive to general public every day.

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