Varun’s 360® Vision

Corporate 360 founder Varun Chandran talks about his journey in setting up India’s First Rural IT Park, rv4c4Million Dollar Business, Up’s & Down’s and much more.

Who would have thought that a person working in a well-settled job in an MNC in States and Singapore, will take a U turn and start from the very beginning in the native place? Believing in his idea, Varun Chandran bootstrapped Corporate 360, a tech company that provides marketing intelligence data for the big corporates. With a global presence in five countries, 320+ clients which include 16 of the Forbes Fortune list companies, Varun has an inspiring story to share. 
Initial Steps
Varun was working with various companies like Oracle, SAP, Dell in States for over eight years. He then shifted to Singapore and started working on the idea of targeted sales. Initially, he coined the idea for his work purposes and later realized he could use the same for his ventures. Once his colleagues appreciated his working tool, he left the job to start something on his own. Joining hands with his friend, he laid down the initial investment and hired few freelancers to start off Corporate 360.

Realizing that the push broadcasting techniques are outdated, he developed algorithms that run similar to Big data application and provides the clients with necessary data on targeted sales. It mines a lot of data from the web and merges/matches it with the internal sales and marketing data of the companies. It then looks for patterns to apply machine learning and AI and finally predicts the ideal and rightful customers for the clients. It gives the clients a clear cut idea about whom to target, nature of the 
customers and competitors. 
Corporate 360 today

Over the three years, Corporate 360 has had an exponential growth with more than 320+ clients globally covering five countries. The most important factor regarding the Corporate 360 clients is that the list includes 16 companies listed down in the Forbes Fortune. While 90% of customers are from abroad, the company has its regional data research hub in Pathanapuram, a tier-3 town in Kollam district of Kerala. Built with funds of its own, this data development center is India’s First Rural IT park by a startup.
Reversing Talent-Drain

Corporate 360 stands unique with its ideology and approach. It recruits youngsters from the rural areas and provides them an opportunity to learn and compete with the global mindsets. As the educated youth are shifting to urban areas in search of a job, corporate 360 is being a reason for youngsters to take a U turn and thereby reversing the talent drain in the countryside. Currently, the research hub facility employs 70 people with a strategic plan to recruit 30 more by the end of 2017. Most of the employees are from the rural areas while the rest have been provided with hostel facilities.

Social Impact 
 For a person who has gone through all the hardships in life, Varun wishes to change the same for the children, youth, and the families. Hence Corporate 360, has taken up the duty upon themselves and are working on providing excellent resources to the children, helping the youth get a job, providing a home for the homeless. Their dedicated love for the needy ones has gained widespread appreciations from the government and leaders. Every time Corporate 360 gets a new client; ten new people get a job back here in Pathanapuram. With the current scenario, the company is hopeful to expand its base to many other places in Kerala.

Varun’s story is an inspiration for those who hesitate in doing experiments and for the aspiring entrepreneurs. Facing all the challenges like the acquisition of resources and orientation, Corporate 360 has now become a role model for the start-ups. It’s not every day that you get to hear a story of an entrepreneur who transformed a rural area into a thriving business spot and created a social impact in parallel to business.

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