Startups and VC in Germany, 2017 Edition

A Frontline Ventures x Point Nine Capital Collaboration

Thomas Olszewski
Jan 24, 2017 · 2 min read

The highest level of international VC participation in Europe has fueled the growth of dozens of German-born, global, and European champions. As Zalando approaches ‘decacorn’ status and Trivago IPOs on the NASDAQ stock exchange, it is no longer a question of “if” Germany can become a major tech hub, but rather will it emerge as the leading startup destination in Europe.


Frontline Ventures has teamed up with Point Nine Capital (big thanks to Mathias Ockenfels!) to produce what we believe is the most comprehensive view of startups and venture capital in Germany.

In this deck you will find:

  • Funds raised of all active German VCs
  • VCs and incubators from seed to late stage
  • % of VC rounds with an international investor
  • Total funds raised vs. invested in EU cities (London, Paris, Stockholm)
  • How global VCs are positioning themselves to do more German deals
  • Funding rounds led by non-locals (in Berlin, this is 77%!)
  • Recent transactions in Germany (N26, Service Partner One)
  • Investment activity: Quarterly VC funding, # of companies
  • 40+ of Germanys most successful tech companies
  • Profiles of 4 leading German VCs (Earlybird Venture Capital, Rocket Internet PT, Point Nine Capital, Holtzbrinck Ventures)
  • ‘Who to know’ — investors on the German VC scene (BlueYard Capital, HitFoxGroup, Lakestar, Cherry Ventures, Project A Ventures, Frontline Ventures)
  • Accelerators and corporate VCs in Germany (Techstars, Axel Springer Plug & Play, TheFamily, Startupbootcamp, Microsoft Accelerator)
  • Typical valuations for early-stage investors
  • Strengths and weaknesses of German tech companies
  • Incubated startup trends
  • 4 sectors where German startups have succeeded: adtech, leisure, fintech, and eCommerce
  • 16 early-stage companies to watch in 2017
  • 20+ notable Internet exits
  • 9 new funds in Germany in 2016
  • Predictions for 2017

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Download the PDF here

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