StreetTeam raises $10M to power peer-to-peer ambassador programmes for brands

Frontline is excited to support this impressive vision— welcome StreetTeam to the Frontline family!

The human need behind advocacy is about belonging and connecting. Personal recommendations are the way we connect, express ourselves, and build closer relationships with each other. Advocates build knowledge, passion, and influence — which, as a result, makes them more credible and likely to affect their friends’ purchase decisions. StreetTeam co-founder and CEO Callum Negus-Fancey recognised the potential power of advocacy for brands to reach the millennial generation, a notoriously fickle and advertising-weary group of consumers.

It was this revelation that led to StreetTeam’s origin, creating a peer-to-peer selling platform that enables brands to appeal to millennials in a more authentic, cost-effective, and tailored way.

Today, we are excited to announce our co-leading London-based StreetTeam’s $10M Series A — alongside such great investors as Kindred Capital, Backed, and Universal Music Group.

We were really intrigued by this idea of an army of advocates — who don’t necessarily want a relationship with a brand, but want to use the brand as a way to strengthen the relationship between them and their friends.

StreetTeam turns these trusted friend groups into a democratized B2C salesforce for brands. Their product empowers a friend in-the-know to become your personal travel agent, fashion advisor, event promoter, etc. Frontline personally recognises the power of word-of-mouth, and we’re really excited to support StreetTeam as they make that a reliable and scalable sales channel for millennial brands.

Some of their customers include awesome organisations like Bonnaroo, Bestival, Spring Awakening, SW4, Digital Dreams, EDC, Reading, Leeds and Electric Zoo. It has been an exciting journey so far for the team, and we are stoked to be along for the ride!

Want to help change the way brands engage their influencers? StreetTeam is currently hiring all throughout the world!

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