The Magic of Coaching

Coaching can change your personal and professional life in some of the most profound ways. It is time to put away the days of just giving feedback. The benefit of having a coach is that you always have someone on your side that is going to hold you accountable for reaching your goals.

Change has to bubble up from the inside of a person. ⛲

Nobody will change because you tell them to. Period. Shout, scream, threaten, shake your head. It won’t work. The most important thing I focus on as a coach is making sure my coachee is shining their light. Once I figure out where that person’s light is, I work to help the coachee see the value of their light. From there, I am committed to helping that person turn their light up brighter day by day.

Keep it real in coachings.

Don’t tolerate excuses. That is pretty much all I can say. Coaching is all about driving performance and action towards the goal. There is no time for excuses. Be direct and transparent.

Be patient.

Coaching is a process that takes longer than you might expect. Coaching is about development and building takes time. Often an obstacle may have to be approached in different ways. Job coaching is challenging in this way because sometimes there is a business need that must be met. Make those expectations very clear as appropriate.

It’s catching on.

More often than ever you hear that people hire coaches for all different types of reasons. It is becoming an increasingly popular standard in workplaces. I highly recommend investing in making sure all leaders are well qualified in successful coaching techniques. The best coaches are inspirational and motivational in their own beautiful unique way. When selecting a coach, it’s important to get the right match.