Become an Explorer

For some of us simply visiting a place is just not cutting it. We need more. We need to uncover the unknown. We need to explore!
 Explorers need the freedom to really embrace a place. They are unbound and bear an insatiable thirst for adventure. They want to fully dive into the places they find. First and foremost Explorers collect and treasure their experiences more than anything. They inspire others and build the paths to new worlds of wonder.

We want to foster and curate the coolest explorers, adventurers and pioneers from all over the globe and help share your stories with an hungry audience of seekers and wanderers. As an Atameo explorer, we will feature your travel content on Atameo’s landing page and social channels. Over time we will connect you with our partners and provide you with travel related assignment. Whether you are a seasoned pro are new to the scene, there is a place for you amongst our community of Atameo Explorers.

How to become an Atameo Explorer

To become an Atameo Explorer you need to be an active Atameo user. If you don’t have an account, yet, you can sign up here.

In your account you need to have logged at least 5 trips, each including several places and at least 8 photos. Ideally the trip includes additional stuff like videos, quotes, music etc to give your audience more context.

Originally published at Atameo.

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