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Automata’s Bi-Weekly Update: Issue 14

December 13 to December 24, 2021

Merry Christmas from all of us at Automata Network. It’s the time of year where the season of glad tidings has arrived, and we’re looking forward to finish the year with a bang. How was your 2021 in review?


[Protocol and Infrastructure]

  • [GEE] Implemented and tested the service part in GEE (Geode Execution Environment), including service binary retrieval, install and run the binary via wasmi interpreter;
  • [GEE] Implemented a demo service provider in GEE, including the interaction process with the chain;
  • [GEE] Implemented subscription definition and handling in GEE;
  • [Geode] Released the Generic Conveyor functionalities in Geode;
  • [Geode] Geode Vault implementation;
  • [Devops] Added a new nginx in Geode cluster, to separate the Fairdrop traffic and increase availability;

[Product and Tools]

  • [Fairdrop] Started design development and Integrated Readl and Monster Galaxy Fairdrop to Generic Conveyor framework in Geode;
  • [Canary Games] Delivered artistic directions for illustrations on upcoming Canary Games;
  • [] Implemented safe-fail for respective chain caching;
  • [] Implemented design revamp and mobile responsiveness to UI;
  • [] Built API integration test between front and back ends;
  • [] Fortified user-supplied injection vulnerabilities’;
  • [Extensions] Added transaction recovery for substrate in ChainBridge;
  • [Design] Creation of low-fidelity prototypes/sketches for future deployment;


  • We sat down with Rust Foundation in this member spotlight to share our thoughts on the work we do, how the Rust language plays a part, and why it’s important to contribute back to the open-source community even as we build our own.
  • XATA, an Automata ecosystem project, is now on ONTO Wallet, reaching over 750 thousand users on the platform.
  • Absolutely thrilled to partner with Monster Galaxy Play 2 Earn, one of the gaming OGs to power the Genesis MOGA Blindbox with Conveyor! Fair NFT launch auctions are inclusive and designed for everyone.
  • Polkadot has teamed up with AngelHack for the Asia Pacific edition of the Polkadot Hackathon, and we’re proud to clinch the first place under the Open Hack Category.
  • It’s a pleasure to announce the latest project member selected into Automata’s Ecosystem Incentive Program — Rand Network is a prize savings platform where users can create or join collective no-loss vaults to earn common yield.


  • It’s a wrap on the #SantaGiftsAPlenty campaign we collaborated with Binance — did you manage to send any gift cards out for your chance to receive a share from the 20,000 ATA prize pool?
  • AMA back in season, first with the Binance Sri Lanka Telegram community, followed by a quiz event on our Discord — follow our Twitter to be the first to know of any community events
  • Meme mania over on our Discord and Telegram, with mystery NFTs exclusively designed by the Automata team, and up to 1000 $ATA prize rewards. Keep an eye out for the winning entries!
  • Our CoinMarketCap campaign reigned on on the platform with over 3.7 million people participating in the airdrop this year, making it the most popular in 2021.

About Automata Network

Automata Network is a decentralized service protocol that provides middleware-like traceless privacy services for dApps on Ethereum and Polkadot to achieve privacy, high assurance, and frictionless computation.

Website | Telegram | Discord | Twitter | Github



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