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Automata’s Bi-Weekly Update: Issue 20

April 4, 2022 to April 15, 2022

The past couple of weeks have seen us focusing a lot more on the community. If you like to join the conversation, we’re active on Twitter, but being social creatures, find us on Telegram, Discord, or click on that Subscribe button to receive fresh updates.


[Protocol and Infrastructure]

  • Deployment of to staging environment
  • Research and development for PagerDuty

[Products and Tools]

  • [NFTFair] Stress test and optimization for the platform
  • [AnyDAO] Worked on several post-MVP front end enhancements
  • [AnyDAO] Conducted internal tests and resolved issues, including refactoring the Project module and its subcomponents
  • [AnyDAO] Integrated ContextFree and support for other chains in the production environment
  • [AnyDAO] On-chain data structure modification and corresponding logical changes
  • [AnyDAO] Deployment of frontend for staging and production
  • [Design] Draft development for product websites
  • [Design] Resource gathering and element creation for website usage
  • [Development] Completed revisions for product development


  • We’ve put together a little NFT Egg Hunt with just over 9,000 ATA rewards and mystery eggs for 200 lucky winners. Follow the steps on Gleam to join! The competition ends 17 April 2PM GMT+8.

About Automata

Automata Network is a decentralized service protocol that provides middleware-like traceless privacy services for dApps on Ethereum and Polkadot to achieve privacy, high assurance, and frictionless computation.

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