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Automata’s Bi-Weekly Update: Issue 22

May 30, 2022 to June 17, 2022

Despite the market sentiment, or perhaps because of it, it has never been more urgent for projects to focus on their original vision, hunker down, build. There were many real turning points across our history where protocols and projects could have met their end. And many did. Automata has not strayed from its mission from minute one, and these updates are important to us for our community to understand the work that goes on behind the scenes.



  • New features under development, undergoing internal tests;
  • UI/UX design for features and wireframing for future projects;
  • Refactored Vault template contracts to prepare for integration testing;
  • Developed data migration tool for new feature;
  • Implemented Activity operations for new feature;
  • Boost interaction with global metadata service with lightweight ways of extrinsic call;


  • Completed integration of SubQuery into frontend
  • Completed integration with the update for SubQuery data;
  • Optimization of project assets uploader
  • Implementation of defensive logic with IPFS error for project/proposal submission;
  • Ongoing progress to optimize Edit Project page;
  • Resolved the Opaque Proposal creation;
  • Merged code into master for easier deployment;
  • Ongoing work on SplitVote and cross-chain execution functionalities;


  • Upgraded SGX-SDK from v1.1.3 to v1.1.4 for all middleware services
  • Upgraded ArgoCD to version 2.3.4
  • Upgraded Nginx Ingress helm chart to version 4.0.19
  • Upgraded Kubernetes to version 1.22


  • This is one for the books: $ATA is now live on Coinbase, and you can log in either through the iOS or Android applications to store or trade the token!
  • We’re so pleased to once again make the list for Polkadot Decoded in the biggest event of the year. If you haven’t, save a spot here.


  • Borderless governance is really kind of a huge deal, and we explain why in this AMA with one of the core devs for AnyDAO. Click in.
  • To keep up the momentum, our team has also recently concluded a quiz over on Discord for AnyDAO with over $1000 ATA that were given away. Join our Discord and Twitter and make sure you’re first for the next.

About Automata

Automata Network is a decentralized service protocol that provides middleware-like traceless privacy services for dApps on Ethereum and Polkadot to achieve privacy, high assurance, and frictionless computation.

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