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Automata’s Bi-Weekly Update: Issue 6

August 16, 2021 to August 31, 2021

We’re wrapping up August 2021 with a bang! The community is amped up and ready to go, and our $ATA token is hitting it out of the park with more than a few listings under its belt.


[Protocol and Infrastructure]

  • Supported attestation/liveness on-chain functionalities in Attestor/Geode;
  • Added an internal nonce for Geode’s Substrate client to support sequential Substrate client requests;
  • Resolved Ethereum’s client internal nonce issue for failed transaction submissions;
  • Fixed build issue of Substrate repository dependency;
  • Implemented a WebSocket server for Storage Provider, changed the Storage to use WebSockets to communicate with the Provider;
  • Introduced levels of encryption to the Storage, also pipelined code in the Storage Provider such that multiple threads are able to handle different tasks;
  • Completed integration test of liveness modules for both Attestor and Geode; also debugged and fixed logics for handling of different exceptional conditions;
  • Redesigned and updated the state transition diagram, also refactored code on the state transition of Geode on Substrate for easier understanding and maintenance;
  • Implemented Geode’s state transition and service workflow transition as per latest chain state diagram specifications;
  • Converged on an initial design for the interaction between the order management service on chain and Geode;
  • Implemented pallet-service, responsible for managing the service order from user and dispatch of task to Geode based on the design;
  • Imported staking, session, im-online, authorship and offences pallet onto Substrate v3 testnet, enabling community validators to join the network;

[Products and tools]

  • Delivered Conveyor’s transaction simulation feature in Geode;
  • Supported DOT/ETH/BTC on Binance Smart Chain for Conveyor in Geode;
  • Fixed Witness’s panicked thread issue for corner case when voting time is very close to proposal endtime;


  • $ATA is now supported on Coin98 Wallet, and PSA: We have a giveaway happening till 12 AM (UTC+8) to celebrate the milestone! $2500 ATA in total for 25 winners, so let’s gooo.
  • Our token is also being listed on with trading commencing from August 31, 6 AM UTC. Details!
  • Binance Futures is launching USDT-margined $ATA perpetual contracts with up to 25x leverage. The date to bookmark: August 31 3 30 AM UTC.


  • We’re 70,000 strong on Twitter and loving how our community is growing together with us on this journey.
  • #AMA time with a comic, this one conducted with Indodax, Indonesia’s largest crypto asset marketplace with nearly over 4 million verified members.
  • We’ve received over a hundred applications from over 45 countries since Automata Ambassador Program opened its doors. Apply here today.

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About Automata Network
Automata Network is a decentralised service protocol that provides middleware services for dApps on Ethereum and Polkadot to achieve traceless privacy, high assurance and frictionless computation.

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