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Automata’s NFT Egg Hunt

Easter eggs are fun, and we don’t just mean hidden messages. We’re put together a mystery box just for our community this Easter — aptly named the NFT Egg Hunt — and we couldn’t of anywhere better to have it than on NFTFair, our fair-launch NFT platform.

🎉 9,100 $ATA rewards

There are 200 eggs to crack, each containing an NFT from one of three rarity tiers ranging from R (⭐)️ to SSR (⭐⭐⭐)️. Did we also mention that these come with their own $ATA rewards?

🥚 5 Winners: Jumbo Egg + 200 ATA
🥚15 Winners: Extra-large Egg +100 ATA
🥚30 Winners: Large Egg + 70 ATA
🥚50 Winners: Medium Egg+50 ATA
🥚50 Winners: Small Egg+30 ATA
🥚50 Winners: Peewee Egg+10 ATA

🎨 Six unique designs

  • Peewee Egg (⭐)️: A muted sapphire illuminated by slow, undulating waves not unlike that of the gentle sea
  • Small Egg (⭐️): Bold colours that borrow from the rays of the sun, in shades of gold and red
  • Medium Egg (⭐️): A lush turquoise cloaked in wild greenery and beautifully carved foliage
  • Large Egg (⭐️⭐️): Exotic lava tones with a molten base, dappled with brilliant orange
  • Extra-Large Egg (⭐️⭐️): Graduations of striking blue with a subtle inner luminosity
  • Jumbo Egg (⭐️⭐️⭐️): An iridescent heart pulses at the core of the delicate shell

🔥 200 winners

Complete ✨all tasks✨ on Gleam and stand a chance to unlock your own egg NFT from the collection 👋🏻 The competition starts from 14 April 2PM GMT+8 and ends 17 April 2PM GMT+8.

There will be 200 mystery eggs distributed on a first-come, first-served basis. If you want to read more on true randomness, why it matters, and how it works, we’ve got you covered.

Have a go at it, yolks.

About Automata

Automata Network is a decentralized service protocol that provides middleware-like traceless privacy services for dApps on Ethereum and Polkadot to achieve privacy, high assurance, and frictionless computation.

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Automata Network is a decentralized service protocol that provides middleware services for dApps on Ethereum and Polkadot to achieve traceless privacy, high assurance and frictionless computation. Visit to find out more.

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